Refill: Fuel Consumption Calculator


Gas prices are one thing that rarely go down.  They generally go up a lot…then down a little…then up a lot…then down a little.   But at the end of the day they have a continual rise.  This adds to your cost of doing business if you use your vehicle in the course of doing

Miles: Vehicle Mileage Logbook for iOS

vehicle mileage logbook

Tax time is quickly approaching and regardless of whether you use an accountant, a friend, or one of those programs that allow you to do free taxes, that still means going through receipts looking for those deductions.  One particular deduction that I have never taken is vehicle mileage.  The reason I haven’t taken it is because

3 Great iPad Calendar Apps

For those of us who use our iPads for more than Netflix, we are always on the lookout for productivity apps that will help us stay organized and accomplish more.  Finding a good iPad calendar app is essential.  There are many to choose from Here are 3 iPad Calendar apps that are worth looking into.

Zime: 3D To-Do and Calendar App

When talking business apps on mobile devices, task management/to-do lists is one of the top categories in my mind.   There are few types of apps better suited for mobile devices.   As a freelancer and consultant managing my time and tasks has always been a challenge.  That’s why I am eager to try new

Press Release: mPowa emerges as company to watch in 2013

Below are excerpts from a press release regarding mPowa, which is a service which allows buinsesses to accept mobile payments.  mPowa is expanding to South Africa. Europe’s most successful mobile payments company, mPowa, is preparing itself for a year of further global expansion. The company, which recently signed the largest deal in its sector worldwide

WorldCard Mobile: Business Card Reader

We have posted several articles here regarding business cards and specifically digitizing them and storing the information more efficiently.   See the following articles. Five Apps To Render Business Cards Useless Can You Dump Those Business Cards NFC Business Cards As much as I’d like to see traditional cards go away, it’s just not going

Speak Like A Pro: Improve Your Speaking Skills

What comes to mind when you think “Public Speaking”?  For me it’s standing in front of a podium talking to a large group of angry looking people holding tomatoes.  I have never been a good “public speaker” and have been terrified by it.  But here’s the thing…when I visit a client and we are in

TimePunch Mobile For Windows Phone

I know I must sound like a broken record but tracking billable time is extremely important for freelancers and consultants.  And in my never ending quest to explore all of the options out there, I give you TimePunch Mobile for Windows Phone. TimePunch Mobile is a free time tracking app for Windows Phone that has

Top Reasons To Give Your Staff iPads

Want to make your office a happier and more productive place, boost your profits and increase your reputation? It’s easy – give your staff iPads! It might sound like a rather simplistic solution to end all your woes, and of course I am using a little hyperbole here to make my point. But at the

Active Survey for iPad: How Do Your Customers Rate You?

If you run a retail business then you know the importance of word of mouth.  An influential customer who loves you can bring in more business and one who hates you can drive it away.  Therefore, knowing how your customers feel about you is very important. Net Promoter Score or NPS is a leading survey