3 Android Time Tracking Apps

android time tracking

I think anyone who reads my posts knows that I tend to cater to consultants and freelancers.  The reason for this is that I created this site because, as a consultant, I had trouble finding apps that helped me with my business.  One topic that I was always looking into was Android Time Tracking apps.

4 Life Insurance Calculating Apps

life insurance

Those who carry life insurance understand the importance of the coverage it provides. The worst can happen at any time, and many adults need coverage in order to ensure their families will be taken care of in their absence.  In the past, anyone who wanted to obtain a life insurance policy needed to first contact

4 Apps For Chauffeurs And Private Drivers

Anyone who operates their own private driver or limousine service – or who simply works for one – will tell you that there are a variety of concerns that can manifest when out on call. One of the biggest problems with any private driver fleet is the level of communication that it takes to keep

Sleep Application for iPhone

If you travel for work, then you know how tough it can be when you can’t fall asleep.  I was recently working away from home and in a hotel where it was entirely too quiet.  The air conditioner usually makes enough noise for me to sleep…but this hotel had a silent AC.  That was tough

BlackBerry Messenger Delayed for iOS and Android

blackberry messenger

Industry watchers and fans alike rejoiced when Blackberry announced that its popular messaging app would be making its way to iOS 7 and Android. Though the release was scheduled for June 27th, Blackberry still awaits response from Google Play and Apple App Store.  Everything looked great till a statement by the company labeled this information

5 Ways VoIP Can Help You Work From Home


VoIP is a system that has helped to transform the world of business in many different ways. Standing for Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP is going to allow you to communicate over greater distances for a lot less. If you are interested in working from home, then you will need to make sure that you

Manything: Video Monitoring for iOS


I have a confession to make…I’m afraid of clowns.   Don’t judge…I know it’s strange for a grown man to be afraid of clowns.  Why am I telling you this?  Because it relates to the app I’m reviewing today.  A couple of years ago I started finding miniature clowns on my desk.  I would get

Manything Interview

manything cover

We published a press release on Manything a few days ago and honestly it was the first time I had heard of the iOS app.   Well I reached out to the company and today I have an interview I did with James West, the co-founder of Manything, and CEO of Alamy. The interview is

4 Sales Training Apps To Boost Your Sales

sales training apps

Salespeople have a few basic objectives in common: they want to meet new people and grab new leads, they want to impress potential clients and customers and they want to close the sale. These elements are the most important parts of being in sales, but there are a multitude of other considerations that pertain to