Kids Soccer: Organized Chaos

kids soccer

You’ve seen them…they drive minivans with little magnets on the back.  They have camp chairs…but they don’t camp.  They have rolling coolers with juice boxes and water bottles.  They have granola bars and tiny bags of chips.  Who are these strange people?  They are soccer parents…and now I’m one of them.  I never thought I’d

Back Up Your Website

back up your website

Do you have a personal website?  What about a business website or blog?   How do you back up your website?  I hear the crickets out there.  There are way too many people who don’t do regular (or any) back ups for their site.    I think it’s human nature to think that nothing bad

One Of The Cheapest Wireless Plans For Your College Student

cheapest wireless plans #shop

It’s that time again.  Time for college students to get back to the grind.  And for some, it’s time to begin the journey.  College is an exciting time in a young person’s life and I look back very fondly at my time there.  My oldest is only a sophomore in high school so I don’t

Easy Expense Reports with Expensify


Are you a freelancer of consultant? If so then you know the importance of tracking your expenses including billable time.  It’s a topic that I have written about many times on this site and my previous site.  The fact is that if you don’t track your time accurately then you miss out on getting paid.