Save Tons on Online Marketing

Small business owners must take advantage of every possible tool at their disposal.  Online marketing is not just an option any longer, it is a necessity.  Small business owners can use online marketing to reach an audience they never would have been able to reach just a few years ago. So, I ran across a

Back Up Your cPanel Website with Site Auto Backup

site auto backup

I wrote an article a while back about backing up your website.  After publishing that post I heard from a few bloggers who said they don’t do regular backups and some said they have never backed up their sites.  I personally think that this is playing with fire.  You never know when disaster will happen

How We Are Ungrateful Towards God

ungrateful towards God

Here we are a week or so after Christmas and I had an interesting conversation with my 5 yr old.  My wife and I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up a few deals in their Christmas clearance section.  We picked up a few more items before we left.  As a treat for our 5