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I wrote an article a while back about backing up your website.  After publishing that post I heard from a few bloggers who said they don’t do regular backups and some said they have never backed up their sites.  I personally think that this is playing with fire.  You never know when disaster will happen and you can’t always depend on your host to back up your website.

site auto backup

Today I’m talking about backing up your website hosted on a cPanel server.  cPanel is a leading website control panel used by many top hosting providers including Godaddy and Hostgator.   I currently use Site Auto Backup to back up my sites so I’ll be looking at their service today.  I was not asked by Site Auto Backup to write this post and I am not being compensated in any way.  I just thought I would share my thoughts on their service.


Back Up Unlimited Websites

You are only limited by how much backup space you have.  So if you have 5GB of backup space and each website is only 500MB you can conceivably backup 10 websites.

Unlimited Backup Schedules

You can schedule your backups for any time of the day and you can choose how often to backup your site.  I have several sites where clients pay me to back up every day.  But others are done only weekly.

Works With Shared, VPS, Reseller, or Dedicated Servers

Regardless of your hosting setup, you can use this service as long as you are running cPanel.

Offsite Backup

The importance of this is huge.  So many people backup their site on the same server their site is hosted on.  This is useless if there is a server failure.  Having your backup offsite allows you to restore to a new server in the event of a complete server loss.

Backs Up Everything

With Site Auto Backup you can back up your files, databases, and emails.


To be honest, you can do most of this using free scripts and your own cloud storage.  But Site Auto Backup takes the hassle out of it and makes it easy.  I have peace of mind that my sites are backed up and I am covered in the event of a server failure.

The Giveaway

Now, as a gift to my readers (and fellow bloggers) I’m giving away ten 1GB backup accounts with Site Auto Backup.  I purchased these a while back when they were expanding via an Indiegogo campaign.    So, you get 1GB of storage free for life to back up your site.  Remember, you have to be using cPanel in order to use this.  So enter below and I will pick ten winners on Feb. 9th 2015.  Enter below.

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  1. I really should back up more often. I aim for monthly, but then I’ll skip a month here and there. Before I know it, I’m seeing a post from a blogger reminding everyone about backups.

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