Keep Your Business Costs Down

business costs

In tough financial times it can be difficult to keep in control of your business costs. If you’re looking to improve and expand your small business, then it’s easy for costs to spiral out of reasonable control. Of course there will have to be an outlay, but this can be done in a cost effective

3 Cloud Based Point of Sale Systems

Opening a retail store is a costly endeavor and not for the faint of heart.  Even those on a shoestring budget can spend upwards of $30,000 just to open a basic retail store.   There are many costs involved and for a small business owner to be successful they need to trim those costs anywhere

Training Your Business Should Consider in 2016

corporate training

Practice makes perfect, but in many cases to become good at something in the first place plenty of training is required. Whatever business you run there will always be room for improvement, from learning to use new technology or picking up fresh and innovative techniques in your industry. There are all sorts of training courses your company should

Is Your Business Using The Right Payment Technology?

payment technology

The way we pay for things has changed in the past few decades, with plastic taking over from physical cash in many cases. While checks are still in use and their scrapping has been postponed, there are many older payment methods becoming out of date and new ones emerging. If you run a small business then it is

A New Year With New Priorities

new year

As I sit here on the third day of January 2016 I have a new enthusiasm for this new year.   Last year was a year of trials and setbacks.  But it was also a year of blessings.   My family and I survived the year without any major health issues.  We were able to