Hobby To Pro: The Journey To Being A Professional Blogger

professional blogger

If you had said to someone 20 years ago that you aspired to be a blogger, they would have looked at you with a blank expression on their face. What on earth, they would inquire, is a professional blogger? Of course, you wouldn’t have said it – because blogging as a profession didn’t exist. For

Why Your Business Is Not Productive

business change

It happens to most business owners. They start up a business, all guns blazing, motivation levels at an all time high. Then, without warning, at an undefined point down the line, things just…slow down. Motivation levels drop. Things just aren’t getting done as efficiently or as accurately as they once used to. This obviously puts

How Do You Know You Have A Winning Product?

product vision

The best businesses tend to begin with a product that takes the market by storm. Sometimes, it’s like catching lightning in a bottle. Sometimes, you have some of the pieces there, but you’re not sure you have the whole picture. What’s missing from your product? What’s going to change it from just another idea into

Give Your Accounting Firm The Illusion Of Size

accounting firm

Image is everything in business and the accounting industry is no exception. When you’re trying to establish your business, there are going to be thousands of others out there that are much bigger than you are. When you’re reaching out to clients they will be aware of this and if they can tell that you’re

How Much Are You Investing In Your Employees?

As a business owner, there is one thing that you will have to realize incredibly quickly: you can’t do it all on your own. Sure, if your business is exceptionally small then might be able to handle everything yourself, but the moment it becomes large enough to start turning a significant profit, then you’re pretty

How To Excel At Running A Business From Home

business from home

Technology has done a lot for us, and one of those things it has done? Make the world of business a lot more accessible to almost everyone. It’s easier than ever to start a business, but our business options are also a lot more flexible. If you don’t know, running a business from home is

Optimize Your Business To Ensure Success

optimize your business

Have you ever wondered what makes a successful business? Does it ever occur to you that there are things in business that you have absolutely no idea about, yet you play off as if you do? Don’t worry, these types of situations are very common and it’s all because of how we use information to

Prevent Your Business From Going Under

business going under

We all hope to run a small business which will last many years to come. But sometimes it doesn’t work out like this. In fact, there are lots of reasons why a business can be at risk of going under. However, you don’t always have to end up in business failure. In fact, here are

Is Your Business Vulnerable to Crime?


Do not underestimate the many ways in which crime can affect your business. It’s not just the immediate equipment losses and financial hits you have to concern yourself with; falling victim to a crime can result in employees and customers losing trust in you. Employees will worry about their safe; customers will wonder if their