How to Make Sure People Are Listening to Your Business’s Message

Every business should have a core message regarding what they’re offering that they put forward to customers. If that message doesn’t cut through or customers simply aren’t listening to it, they’re going to ignore your business and wait for something better comes along. Clearly, that’s not good for your business and what you want to

Stop Your Business From Getting Caught In Dodgy Deals

Assuming that you’re invested in the health and future of your business, it’s only natural you want to keep it away from anything criminal as best as possible. However, businesses build partnerships and networks over time. Often, a bad partnership won’t just end in inconvenience but can be a serious risk to your business. Here

Dealing with Debt Disasters and Keeping Your Cool

At some point in your life you are going to have to face an inevitable money problem. Unless you are incredibly lucky (and wealthy) this happens to most small business owners at some point in their lives. When you’re facing personal difficulties and financial problems it can be very easy to give up and run

Keeping Your Business Afloat When Facing Personal Difficulties

When you look at any business from the outside, it will generally appear as though it runs itself. Everything will tick along smoothly without interruption. But don’t be fooled. Small business owners are only human, and while they may be able to keep up a facade of problem-free operation, they may be facing all sorts

Money Saving Tips for Your Small Business

When you run a small business, managing your money and sticking to a budget is essential if you want to grow. In the beginning, you’ll have start-up costs to cover, and you’ll want to budget for things like supplies and marketing. It can be tough to find the right balance and get everything that you

The 10 Commandments Of Web Design

An effective web design is one which combines several intricacies in order to create the full picture. This means that a bad choice can have a consequent knock-on effect regarding the websites image, professionalism and usability. To ensure this is not the case, take a look at the ten commandments of web design below… 1)

Home Areas You Should Start Paying Attention to Now

If you are looking to sell or preserve the value of your home, it is important that you focus on the critical areas that will make your home ugly or impressive. We get used to the decor and some of us actually hate DIY. That plasterboard that remained unpainted after the last home improvement and

Can a Millennial Build a Strong Credit Score?

Life as a millennial can be tough. Especially if you live in an expensive city like London, where the cost of living can make life difficult if you are on a lower income, which many of us are when we are young and fresh out of school. With student loans and debts to pay off,