The 10 Commandments Of Web Design


An effective web design is one which combines several intricacies in order to create the full picture. This means that a bad choice can have a consequent knock-on effect regarding the websites image, professionalism and usability. To ensure this is not the case, take a look at the ten commandments of web design below…

1) Effective Feedback Solution

Feedback is essential for improvement and immediate resolve of problems. Moreover, if people cannot contact you then you automatically lose a substantial amount of trust. Contact should be easy and quick – no lengthy forms to fill out.

2) Prioritise Performance

Website design is not just about what you can see. It is about how the website functions too. It needs to be secure, easy to use, and quick to load. A dedicated server can help you with this.

3) Think Like A Visitor

A good website design specialist thinks like a visitor. It’s like writing an article; you may want to include this fantastic metaphor to ‘wow’ your readers, but if it is not needed, then don’t use it. The key is to make everything short, sweet, convenient and relevant.

4) Website Content Should Be Easy To Read

All of your content should be easy to read and straight to the point. This incorporates; short sentences, bullet points, headings, legible fonts and carefully selected colour.

5) Easy Navigation

This is one of the most important web design commandments. Your website needs to be simple to use; nobody should have to go searching to find the page or information that they need.

6) Say No To Pop-Ups

There is nothing more annoying than reading content online only to be disrupted by a pop-up advertisement, survey or animation.

7) Make Sure You Seek Constant Revitalisation

You should constantly be updating your website and looking for improvements. Keep tabs on rival websites, stay up to date with the latest trends and carefully plan how to twist the innovations and trends to suit your site. Nothing stays stagnate in the online world.

8) Make Your Goal Or Sselling Point Obvious

If you sell designer clothing for children with free worldwide delivery, then this is your major selling point. Look at your website and note where your eyes immediately go to first, where they revert to next and so on and so forth.

9) Don’t Try To Incorporate Everything In Terms Of Colour and Style

There are some really cool fonts, some fantastic effects and some beautiful colours at your disposal. But when combined altogether, you are left with a mess. A good website design is one which doesn’t try to use everything. Be sensible with design and stick to a style.

10) Your Homepage Should Be Confined To The Size Of Your Sscreen

Vertical scrolling and especially horizontal scrolling on the website’s homepage is not recommended. Everything a business visitor needs should be visible as soon as the homepage loads. The only time a little bit of vertical scrolling is ok is when it is to find links for information such as delivery, returns and alike.

All in all, the ten rules mentioned in this article give the basis for web design success!


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