The 3 Most Important People in Your Company


Every employee within your business is important, but there are some who act as the glue, keeping it all together. Without them, the business simply wouldn’t run as smoothly or as productively. Do you know who the three most important people are in business? Here we’ll look at the three types of people who are important in every company.

1. Your HR Manager


Over the years, technology has largely taken over the HR department in most businesses. However, even in this digital age your HR manager is by far one of the most important people in your organisation. Why? Because they are responsible for your entire workforce.

They ensure employees are productive, engaged and happy. They’re also responsible for recruitment and ensuring the business has the right employees for the job. While computers and technology can certainly help in the running of the HR department, they can never take the place of an actual HR manager.

2. Your Accountant


One of the biggest challenges of running a business is ensuring your finances are in order. This includes dealing with tax, VAT, profits and payroll. When you’re first starting out it might not seem important to have someone run your books, but even the smallest businesses can benefit from having a trained accountant in their corner. This is especially true if you’re a self-employed contractor.

There are many different types of accountants out there so you need to choose one that’s right for your type of business. For example, if you’re a contractor, hiring a specialized accountant who deals in the contractor sector is highly recommended. You can hire a whole range of specialized accounts via companies such as Just Accountants.

3. IT Support


Your IT support workers are a key part of the business. More businesses than ever before are relying upon technology to stay afloat. This has increased the importance of the IT support worker, there if anything goes wrong.

Of course the one thing you can rely on when it comes to technology is something will go wrong at some point. Your IT support are there to fix all kinds of issues from network issues to broken computers – they ensure everything is running as it should and any disruption is kept to a minimum when something does go wrong.


So there you have it – three of the most important people in business. Remember, your employees are your most important customers. If you want to ensure your business is running exactly as it should, you’ll need to ensure you’re keeping your staff happy and productive.


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