3 iPhone Productivity Apps You May Not Have Heard Of


The iPhone is a popular phone but is it popular with business users?  There are many iPhone productivity apps out there but many users aren’t concerned with that…they are more concerned with games or media apps.  But as the iPhone make more inroads into the business sector, iPhone productivity apps become more  important.

Personally I don’t use an iPhone.  My daughter has an iPod touch…which is basically an iPhone without the phone.  I use an iPad for and most iPhone apps work on iPad also (though may not look as good).  But these are three iPhone productivity apps that you may not have heard of…but they appear to have promise and are worth looking at.

1. iA Writer

iA Writer is a text editor for iOS and prides itself on making writing easier by taking away distractions.  When talking about iPhone productivity…you have to be aware that there are many distractions while trying to type.  iA Writer attempts to remove them.  It removes the title bar as soon as you begin typing and fades everything except your current 3 lines while typing.  This allows you to focus on what you are doing and not be distracted.

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[appstore id=”392502056″]

2. Dunno

Need a personal research assistant?  Dunno is an iPhone productivity app that will be yours.  Let’s say you hear a term and want to know more about it.  Just enter a new note in Dunno and it will begin searching the web and give you all types of results including web pages, podcasts, videos, news, wikipedia entries, and much more.  It will even notify you when it’s ready.  I could see this being a huge help.  You add the notes then put it away.  Then later you can review all of the data.

[appstore id=”517735701″]

3. Pushover

Pushover is an app that I really like…but have never heard of.  Does that make sense?  When I read what it can do I got very excited.   Pushover is not your typical iPhone productivity app…it requires some technical know how in order to get the most out of it.  Basically it allows you to get notifications on your device using API’s from various web apps.  Pushover works well with IFTTT, Fitbit, Github, and much much more.  There are many examples on the Pushover website that shows you what you can do with it.

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[appstore id=”506088175″]



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