3 Trends To Jump On This Year If You Want To Start A Profitable Small Business


If you’re looking to start a small business that makes a lot of money, then you can get a lot of help if you jump on a trend. Trends are like a springboard that can catapult your business to almost instant success. When you’re at the top, it’s a lot easier to continue growing and making more money.

Speaking of which, here are some trends that spawn successful business ideas this year:

Eco-Friendly Trend

Nowadays, everyone is trying to be way more eco-friendly in an attempt to take better care of the environment. How does this translate into a business idea? Well, one idea is to simply start a business that puts a lot of focus on recycling and being eco-friendly. This can be any generic business you want, but you’re using this trend to formulate positive brand values that might make you more attractive to consumers and lead to more customers.

Another idea is to start a business that takes old things and turns them into new products. This can be recycled ornaments for the home, or recycled pens and pencils. Again, people will be keen to buy these products as they’re eco-friendly!


Vegan/Vegetarian Trend

Choosing to be a vegan or vegetarian isn’t a trend as such, but the growing number of people switching up their diets is definitely indicative of a societal shift. Basically, more and more people are eating less meat, and this opens the door for many business opportunities. For one, you can start growing your own fresh vegetables/fruit and selling them to people at local markets.

It’s an easy idea to start because all you need is an agricultural spray pump, some vegetables to plant, and some space to do the planting. Local food markets have also grown in popularity alongside this vegan/vegetarian trend as of late. So, you’re on to a winner with this idea. Another alternative is to open a vegan-friendly cafe that offers lots of treats and meals with no meat or animal products involved. In many places, there’s a growing number of vegans, but not enough restaurants/cafes that offer food for them. So, this is another smart idea.


Gaming/Streaming Trend

Finally, we have a trend that’s been around for awhile, but is really becoming big lately. It’s this idea of online gaming that you stream to loads of people. The rise in popularity this year has come from the hit game Fortnite. If you don’t know what this is, then you’ve been living under a rock.

There’s a streamer called Ninja who’s played games with the likes of Drake and many NBA stars. These streams bring in millions of viewers, some of which subscribe to Ninja, which generates money for him. So, a business idea could be to become a streamer and try to gain a substantial following. The key is to play trendy games and try to get lots of subscribers and viewers. The more popular you are, the more money you can make as brands will come in with deals for you as well.

There you go; three trends you can jump on this year if you want to start a profitable small business.


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