4 Ways To Effectively Brand Your Small Business


When you think of the top businesses in the game, it’s often the brand you picture first. If someone says ‘McDonald’s,’ you don’t think statistics, you think of the iconic golden ‘M.’ 

One of the most effective means of growing on a larger scale is effective marketing. But this is important for small businesses too. Making a recognisable statement within your community will inevitably bring more commerce. 

So how do you build a recognizable brand?

  1. Websites

It is so important in this digital age to have a website. Even if your business doesn’t sell online, a website is an easy port of information for those looking to visit. Opening times, the history of your business – the list could go on.

This is a great opportunity to tell people who you are. Why should they buy from you?

Your website must be user friendly, or consumers won’t want to come back. Make sure the key information is on the first page they click into. Any important secondary information on further pages must be clearly signposted.

2. Merchandise

Merchandise may seem an unnecessary expense, but its benefits are multiple. As you know, sometimes spending money is needed to make money

Offering t-shirts, wristbands or caps (easily made by a company like Cap America), leads to free marketing. As people wear a logo for your company on their body, they are a moving advertisement. Who knows how far your brand might reach on the chest of a consumer

3. USP

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 If you have survived as a small business in an increasingly monopolised industry, it’s likely you have a USP (unique selling proposition). Something sets you apart from other companies. 

Once you have worked out your USP, it is important to capitalise on it. Promote your USP – it should be clearly shown on your website. You could even make it your logo. Do you make an irresistible burger? Make it the sign people associate with you. 

Remember: your USP might be the key thing keeping you afloat. Don’t lose it.

4.Take part in your community.

People like to buy from local small businesses. During the pandemic, this philosophy blew up

Yet people will only think of you as a local business if you act as part of the community. Of course, you can become known to locals through pamphlets posted through doors, but often there’s a more effective route. 

Find fundraising efforts to take part in. If you have the ability, why not sponsor a local team or a local school’s project?

Not only are you getting your business’ name out there, but locals should associate with it positively. Be careful to choose your venture carefully to avoid this notion backfiring. 

Branding is key to a successful business. Implementing steps like these should see a growth in traffic to your business. The increase in sales will reflect this. But – always make sure to think through all branding choices carefully. You don’t want to be stuck with negative associations. Rebranding is a whole different topic. 

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