5 Benefits Of VPS’s For Small Businesses


With an array of different servers and cloud options available, understandably it’s quite difficult for business owners to keep track of every new advancement in technology that could be beneficial to their company. Which is why this post focuses on just one area of technology, the VPS. To provide you with a simple, comprehensive understanding of what a VPS is and how it could benefit your small business.

VPS is an acronym for the term Virtual Private Server. Some businesses may liken this to a cloud in the sense you can access your business data and information online with ease. You can hire a virtual private server to be hosted by a company of your choice. This company will have a physical server in a set location where your data will be stored.

However virtual access allows you to view and use this data with ease. The amount you pay per month to hire a virtual private server depends on the space and speed you are supplied to store your information. Below are the benefits and reasons why a VPS may suit some small businesses for adequate data and software storage.

Save Money

If you were considering purchasing a server for your business, it could be more cost effective to hire a virtual server instead. By saving money from buying a server and having to pay an employee to maintain, fix and update your in-house server as well as create in-house software you can keep this money for other areas of your business.

Protect Business Intel

Choosing to hire a VPS could be a safer option for your business information. By keeping a copy of all of your vital business information on another server with the ability to access it online, you can eliminate the concern of your business data being destroyed in a natural disaster, an office fire or taken by a thief. You will also save downtime on the period it takes to recover lost or stolen data.


Having access to all of your data on a server VPS may eradicate the need for an office at all. With the ability to store and access all of your data virtually you could quickly become a digital nomad. Without being tied to a specific country to revisit important information on file in the office, you can directly access all data via your online account.

Physical Space

By transferring boxes of files into digital form and on to a VPS, you can free up space in your workspace. This can help to reduce clutter and make your business more visually pleasing to visiting clients and customers.

Automated Backups

VPS companies tend to offer automatic backups on a schedule, this will take and store a snapshot of your server and all of the data it holds at each point of automated backup. This helps to pre-empt anything that may go wrong with your data online by keeping and storing an additional copy.

VPS, in a nutshell, is a worthwhile investment for storing data and taking advantage of another company’s software to take care of your information without having to purchase your own server, maintain it and create your own backups, etc. This is suitable for smaller business owners who are needed on other important business tasks that require their full attention to helping the business prosper.


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