5 Ways To Increase Your Company’s Credibility Online


Every credible business needs to get on the web. However, having a small web presence and not paying attention to professional online etiquette can risk you looking like a novice or a shady scammer. Here are just a few ways that you can boost your credibility online and present yourself as a web-savvy and reputable business.

Create An Email Signature

Just as you might sign off a letter with a flashy signature, you can end your emails with this professional touch. This could be your company’s logo or an actual handwritten signature – or even a combination of the two. There are sites that can allow you to create your own personal email signature. This can automatically be added to the end of every email you send.

Get Your Website Professionally Designed

There are lots of tools out there for designing your own website on the cheap. But investing in a web design company can give your business a more professional touch. You may be able to still make changes and edits afterwards, allowing you to add testimonials, new promotions or to change personal details. If you’re not sure whether your website is professional enough, try asking honest advice from friends and family or hire a website reviewer. You don’t want to be using a site that looks outdated or tacky.

Boost Your Social Media Following

Getting on social media can allow you to reach a whole new audience. However, there are cons to consider. People will often now buy into a sizable social media following as it shows you’re a well-established company. This can be difficult as a new company as you don’t have the previous clients to like and follow you. It’s worth inviting all your friends and family to like and follow at first. Use Facebook and Twitter’s service for promoting posts to then acquire a larger following. Don’t buy likes – as well as being dishonest, the likes of Twitter are now cracking down on such behavior and punishing such accounts.

Show Off Positive Feedback

Don’t hide from review sites or disable comments sections. Use these as chances to get more positive feedback and then promote this positive feedback hard so that it outweighs any negative feedback. Get every happy client to leave a review on sites such as Trip Advisor. You can also directly email clients after working with them and give them a survey – this can be a more private approach. Copy these positive reviews onto your website to use as testimonials.

Use Blogging To Demonstrate Your Know-How

Many people will start a blog on their company website. Advice posts can be a great way of attracting new potential customers to your site, but they can also be a great way of showing off your knowledge and giving you more credibility. You can also write guest posts on other sites with the permission of the site owner. A real estate company for example might be happy to accept a guest post from a mortgage broker or a removals company.  



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  1. Great article, I would also include asking satisfied clients to rate you on Google and Yelp, and you can ask them for testimonials to include on your website.

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