5 Ways To Make Money Blogging


Blogging can be more than a hobby. In fact, many people have turned blogging into a career. If you own a blog or have a passion for writing, here are just a few in which you can make money blogging.

Make Money Through Ad Revenue

By choosing to display ads on your blog, it’s possible to make money through ad revenue. Every time someone clicks on an ad displayed on your blog, you get revenue. Usually this money is only cents, however with enough people clicking on ads you can start making a more substantial income.

To increase the amount of people clicking on ads you need to grow your readership, which means posting engaging content. Finding ways to increase exposure such as sharing blog content on social media can also help to increase engagement.

Post Affiliate/Sponsored Content

Many blogs also make money through affiliate programs and sponsorship. Sponsored content is often written for a client for a flat fee – many bloggers use the likes of Fiverr to find clients. Affiliate content is a little more complex and involves writing content for a client for which you only get commission based on the amount of leads generated from that post.

Whilst sponsored content offers more certainty of getting paid, affiliate content can offer a steady stream of income (if you’re lucky). Whilst both types of content are promotional, the best bloggers are still able to create content that’s engaging and relevant to their blog (i.e. you don’t want to be writing a sponsored review on a pair of headphones on a food blog).

Allow Readers To Donate

It’s also possible to make some money by relying on the generosity of readers. By advertising the fact that you accept donations and potentially displaying a donate button on your blog, you may be lucky to make some extra money. It’s unlikely you’ll make a huge amount of money through donations, but it’s still an option worth pursuing (the more engaging your content is, the more likely people are to donate).

Sell Products Through Your Blog

Another way to make money could be to sell products through your blog. These could be sponsored products related to your content, or they could be merchandise such as t-shirts. Generally speaking, only the most popular blogs are able to successfully shift merchandise and make a substantial profit – you probably don’t want to be selling branded mugs for your blog if you’re only getting 10 readers per post.  

Get Paid To Write Guest Posts On Other Sites

On top of making money with a blog of your own, it’s also possible to make money by contributing to other people’s blogs. There are blogs out there that pay guest writers for content. Whilst most of these blogs are likely to only pay a few dollars per post, there are some niche blogs out there that pay more. This list of blogs that pay for guest content offers just some of the options worth looking into.  


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