6 Essential Mobile Apps for Business Travel



Business travelers know a lot better than anyone that ‘time is money’. Each and every second you spend groping around looking to find the right directions or losing receipts or wanting to communicate with people in a language you do not understand could mean the real difference between building the best meeting or just being out of a job.

In case you own a smart phone, you possibly can make your life faster and easier with apps that boost your business output while you are on the run. Here are the 6 essential mobile apps for business travelers.



There are few individuals who will argue that filing expenditures is the toughest part of business. Expensify is definitely an excellent solution for all those data processing and accounting issues. Record and monitor mileage as well as cash expenses and save receipts as easy-to-send PDF reports for uploading needs. Link a credit-card with the account and it’ll create e-receipts for all your purchases. It is completely paperless and painless.


Help Call


One final life-saver (literally) for the apple iphone market is available in the form of HelpCall. This application detects automatically what your location is on the planet and invokes local emergency phone numbers for one touch access. It’s also possible to save a specific friend’s phone number together with the common police, ambulance and fire services.


Talk To Me 


Android mobile phone users truly lucked out with this particular app, one of the most effective text-to-speech (as well as speech-to-speech) applications on the mobile phone market. Talk To Me translates more than 40 different languages and also speak those translations back for many of the languages. It is so simple to operate and could be your best ally in any ‘verbal exchanges’ tight spot.


FlightTrack Pro


With FlightTrack you could see the status of more than 5,000 flights and 1400 air-ports throughout the world in real time. Make use of this useful app to help keep track of your airline flight and be well informed regarding arrival and departure or even gate changes before getting to the airport terminal. In case your flight or time schedule has been changed, then you can look for alternate flights as well.




GateGuru is really a godsend for anybody who needs to spend a large amount of time in air-ports. This cost-free app assists travelers to locate the very best food, service options and shopping by airport terminal in more than 150 air-ports world-wide. Additionally, it comes with user reviews along with other helpful pointers.


Key Point 


Using this app, you can create, modify, play, share as well as publish the presentations on the run. Keypoint is a necessary tool for any time strapped traveler who is on his way to a crucial meeting. The truly amazing user friendly interface is packed with ten themes and seven animation designs to pick from and you could also export instantly to PDF or Keynote.


Whether you are a frequent business traveler or else you go out for a business travel only on occasion, these 6 apps could make your business-travel experience simpler and less complicated. Many of these apps work on both Apple iPad and iPhone; some are available also for Android os and Blackberry mobile phones.

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