6 iPad Apps for Attorneys


The iPad isn’t just a gadget but an innovative tool that will revolutionize the way you practice law in your firm or make your life easier as a law student.   There are many iPad apps for Attorneys.  Whether you want to operate a paperless office, work remotely, telecommute or have a virtual law practice, then the iPad is a must-have tool for your law office. However, it is important to mention that there are several iPad applications, specifically designed and developed to make your life easier as an attorney.

While some attorneys use these apps as part of developing a paperless law office, others use them to do more work while sitting in a courtroom. There are more than 250000 apps for iPad currently available in Apple’s App Store but the following is a list of the best iPad apps that are a must have for every attorney.
1) Fastcase:

If you want a free legal research iPad app that puts American law library in the palm of your hands, then Fast case iPad app should be your top priority. It produces legal research results at an amazing speed by allowing you to access federal cases and statutes from all over the United States. For instance, you can search by citation, keyword or browse through a collection of statutes contained in this app. By upgrading to the full version of this app, you can enjoy additional services that come with this app.

[appstore id=”352470511″]


2) LawBox:

Basically, LawBox is one of the must have iPad apps for attorneys that hosts all the legal references and search utilities. Also, this app features a full text legal search engine with the advantage of downloading actual content into your iPad at no extra cost. Such content include additional state and federal codes that you may need.

[appstore id=”323396784″]


3) TrialPad:

This is another one of several powerful iPad apps for attorneys that allows you to organize and present your case via a projector in the courtroom. Unlike any other app adapted for use by attorneys, TrialPad app for iPad is specifically designed for use by attorneys in a courtroom. Basically, it enables you to organize, annotate and manage case files for court hearings, mediation presentations, jury trials and other relevant court settings. Unfortunately, TrialPad is an expensive compared to an average paid for iPad app but it’s a professional app created specifically for a busy litigator.

[appstore id=”381223425″]


4) JuryTracker:

If you are an attorney looking for the best way to write down juror observations or rather keeping notes tied to a specific juror, then Jury Tracker iPad app is all you need. Also, with this app you can time-stamp your observations and keep track of the time taken by both sides in a case. It has the potential to greatly advance your understanding based on what the jury appreciates and believes.

[appstore id=”408560814″]


5) Penultimate:

This is a great app that transforms your iPad into a legal notepad. For instance, instead of taking legal notes with a pen and paper, you can use your finger tip or a stylus to write notes on your iPad by hand. These notes are then saved or emailed in your handwriting. You can also sketch diagrams or anything that might be relevant to your case with Penultimate.  It’s easy to see how it made the list of top iPad apps for attorneys.

[appstore id=”354098826″]


6) iCLE:

Majority of states have Continuing Education prerequisite for every attorney and iCLE can help you to accomplish it. For instance, with this app you can keep track of the best courses taken by attorneys that you might make a great addition to your career. It has a list of subjects based on area of study.

[appstore id=”393054490″]

So there you have 6 great iPad apps for attorneys.  There are many other iPad apps for attorneys out there so please leave a comment below with any you think should have made our list.

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