8 Windows Phone Apps For Business Travel


Apps are highly beneficial for working professionals around the world. They help in systematizing  collecting and organizing official files and documents. For business men and women on the move, there are numerous apps which could be of great help to them during business travel.

If you are a business person with a Windows phone, the following apps would be beneficial during your business travel:

  1. Skype:  Skype, as everyone knows it, offers free audio and video calls to people. Additionally, you may also call to non-Skype users, mobiles, etc. at a very reasonable rate. Official video conferences have been revolutionized with the advent of Skype. If you are a professional on the move, make sure you have this app not only for official use but also for personal use!
  2. Viadeo:  Viadeo is a free app which lets you socialize with millions of other professionals around the world. An approximate of 30 million users can be contacted and communicated with, making this application a highly-recommended app for business travel.
  3. Box:  Box is a great software which helps in document collaboration and file sharing with high security features. Large files can be easily shared with the help of this app.  Don’t let business travel keep you from your important files.
  4. Business Auto Tracker:  Business Auto Tracker is an amazing app which keeps a check on the money spent during travel (car travel). It uses GPS to track your trip and record it and also monitors the maintenance costs.
  5.  Upvise:  Upvise offers a powerful tool for project management to organize and share projects. It also doubles up as a to-do list with alarms for tasks to be done. You may create a task, assign it to a co-worker, update the deadline and also send reminders about the task to your sub-ordinates.
  6.  Translator:  Translator is a free app with great utility. It translates text, paragraphs and words in 35 languages. If you are in a foreign country, this app could be of great use to overcome a communication barrier with your client or anyone in general.
  7.  Interactive Law:     Interactive Law gives you information on all the legal transactions when you are on the move. It also monitors the progress and helps you get updates on the status anywhere and everywhere!
  8. Ez Opp:  Especially useful for people in the sales vertical, Ez Opp scrutinizes sales opportunities and prioritizes them within Dynamic CRM.  With its easy interface, it also gives you estimated revenue, probability of closure of a sale and also the day of closure. All the information is automatically pushed to the CRM.

Keep up to date information about your insurances, investments and PPI Claims with different apps available in the Apps store.  Business travel has become an easier task with the invention of apps indeed!

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