9 Mobile Apps that Help Reduce Stress


Many people believe that using modern gadgets such as smart phones, laptops, computers, etc. will only add up to the individual’s feelings of stress.  But, this belief about the use of gadgets is slowly changing as stress-reducing apps are now coming to existence.  The following are some examples of iPhone apps that are being used to help people reduce stress:


This application will help people control their breathing. It consists of different breathing patterns, skill levels and timing which iPhone users may choose from. As you inhale and exhale the musical tones are being played to guide you.  The length of time spent for each breathing activity will depend upon the user’s preference.

Stress Free

Stress Free offers some tools to help people reduce stress.  This app is from the master of stress reduction techniques, Deepak Chopra. It aims to reduce stress by using a program which consists of music therapy, stress-reduction activities, and nutrition advice.  It also gives you access to Deepak Chopra’s videos to help you better reduce stress.

Cleveland Clinic Stress Meditation Apps

This app consists of various relaxation and meditation techniques to help people gain better control over their emotions.  Guided Imagery, Mindfulness, Full-Body Scan and Letting Go are just few of the many techniques that are included in this app to help reduce stress in an individual.  This app was developed with the help of many experts from the Wellness Institute of Cleveland Clinic.

White Noise

This app helps you stay calm and collected even in the midst of noisy surroundings. You just have to wear your ear phones so you could listen to the sound of falling rain, crickets and the waves of the ocean. Listening to these sounds of nature will make it easier for you to meditate and relax.  It goes with the timer that will alert you when your time for relaxation and meditation is over.

Office Harmony

This app serves as a very handy tool for practicing Yoga.  You do not have to wait until you are home to be able to perform your Yoga exercises.  Just turn on your phone and you will find there some Yoga moves which you can practice. It also offers several other tips for meditating and reducing stress.

Breath Pacer

Stress and anxiety can lead people to experience difficulty in breathing. This is when Breath Pacer app will prove to be of great help to smart phone users. This app will help people control their breathing when faced with stressful-situations. Therefore, once you begin to sense that you are breathing rapidly due to stress, slow down your breathing with the help of this app.


This app is said to have the most unique concept when it comes to helping people reduce stress. It helps people reduce stress by giving a guide to some of the best places in New York City that offer perfect sanctuary for stressed individuals.

Quantum Life

This app is a perfect tool for people who are constantly exposed to different stressful situations. This app brings relief from stress through biofeedback therapy. It helps an individual achieve balance with the use of audible sound tones as well as electromagnetic frequencies.

Relax Melodies

Say goodbye to sleepless nights because of stress.  This app provides 82 different melodies which you can mix to suit your preference for a more relaxing tune. You can always save these created mixes and play it again later. It also allows you to set a timer so it will just automatically shut off should you fall asleep while playing it.

It is good to know that science, technology and medicine have worked together to help people beat stress.  Millions of people nowadays are suffering from stress, anxiety and depression due to the ever increasing demands of modern society.  Luckily, help has become very handy these days. Therefore, fighting stress only takes a tap on your mobile apps and experience instant relief.

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Ryan Rivera used to suffer from panic attacks for seven years.  He now dedicates his life helping other anxiety and panic attack sufferers through his writings.  You can read more of his articles at Calm Clinic.


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