9 Must Have Mobile Apps For Traveling


If you love travelling, you certainly want everything to be in the perfect place and well organized to eliminate the hassles that can possibly happen during your travel period. Travelling can cause you significant stress especially when you travel unprepared without any tool to use to assist you in all your travelling needs. Keeping your mobile device with you always come in handy especially when it is armed with these top must-have mobile apps for travelling that can help you to be in control and keep yourself at the right perspective for a stress free travelling experience.


This travelling app can help you to keep track of your locations using the installed map on the application. If you find yourself lost, you can easily track down your device using the Global Positioning System (GPS) feature from the Netspysoftware. The app is very useful especially when you travel to a place that is new to you and your companions get separated from each other. Using the tracking system of this mobile app you can easily find your ways together. The app is most useful when you are travelling with your kids where you have the ability to track down their location in case they get lost or get separated from you.


Expedia is a single website that caters to your various travelling needs which include booking information, travel inquiries, travel search and other special travelling deals. The app can unveil valuable last minute hotel booking freebies and discounts. Searching for hotels and booking services for your travelling needs is very easy using the smooth interface of this travel application with wonderful travel perks and discounts await you.


This travel mobile application comes in handy when you are searching for booking services that can provide you pre-pay flight services and do the hotel reservations for you. They have incorporated in their services car rentals for a stress free travel all throughout your journey. The app also provides you referral to other similar traveling services that you are searching for in order to ensure that you have lots of options to explore before finally booking your flight.

Sky Scanner

The app can provide you cheaper options for your travelling plans. You can search for any available flight on your planned travel dates while the app provides you the cheapest options that can maximize your travel budget.  You can locate your current location and trace down from the app the place where you are going on your travel – from the airport to your intended destination for instance. Your ability to filter results based on travel price and departure and landing time offers you a convenient way to plan your trip within your budget.


Travelling in a foreign country can be stressful at times especially when you need to change your money to a different currency or at least interpret a specific currency value to your own currency. This app comes in handy when you find it very frustrating to understand the currency value on each country as you travel and get the proper conversion.

Packing Pro

This mobile travel app will make sure that you won’t forget any important things and gears that you need to take with you on your travel. Being a digital reminder application, Packing Pro will send you instant notification on important things that you need to take with you as you travel which includes your credit card, medicine, passport, IDs and money. Create a digital checklist using this mobile app to keep tabs on the things that you need on your travel.

City Guides  and Offline Maps

If you are coming over to a new place, you can use this mobile app in getting to know your city destination. It provides you load of information that can help you plan your trip better with a well planned itinerary that will include places and locality activities you don’t know but have learned about from the mobile app. You can also store data on your mobile phone through its offline maps which can include plans for a new trip to a particular city that can be viewed later offline.

Hike Route Tracker

This mobile app is best for the hikers and mountain trekkers out there. You will no longer be concerned about getting lost as the GPS feature of the application can continuously locate your position and you can share routes with your social media friends. The app can also track down the length of time and distance that you have travelled while recording your track history.


Are you clueless about the best places where you can travel and enjoy some interesting site seeing activities? This mobile app for travelers is a must-have application because it is capable of providing you a list of cities and tourist destinations by countries and regions. It also gives suggested activities that you can do at a given city. Its interactive map also allows the user to get more acquainted to the prospect city that is worth travelling for.

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