A Professionalism Primer For Small Businesses


Being professional isn’t just for the big guys. In fact, it is a vital element of any small business’s success. Luckily, you can get some detailed advice on how to present in the most professional way below, whether you are a company of 10 or a one-person operation.


While it may seem like the rise of the casual startup or creative firm is unstoppable there is still plenty of room for smart attire at work. In fact, the way that you and your employees dress can say a lot about your business and ensure that customers perceive it in the right way.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to have a dress policy in place that details what is and is not acceptable and enforces it where necessary for both male and female employees.

Although, if you don’t want things to be super formal, you can always go for a business casual look such as the one brands like John Henric US offer. Then you can be sure everyone will be as comfortable as possible while still keeping things work appropriate.


Next, when it comes to looking professional as a small business, it’s vital to ensure that your company is branded correctly. This means having a clear and effective logo, as well as using company colors and headings in both paper correspondence as well as emails too.

In fact, as so many small businesses operate solely online in the current market, your electronic branding can be more critical than anything else. To that end, be sure to invest in quality Jpegs and graphics for your website and other online forms of communication to present professionally.  


Also, when it comes to professionalism for small companies IT security is a massive issue at the moment. After all, if you end up getting hacked and losing your client’s data, it makes you look like either a two-bit outfit that isn’t up to the standard of the big guys or just plain unprofessional and careless.

To that end, using firewalls, encryption, and spyware removal software, as well as educating your staff on safe network safety is vital for any small business that wishes to be successful.


Lastly, while there are many companies that are operated remotely, or from home, nothing says professional set up better than a smart location and office. Of course, your small business may not yet be to the stage where investing in permanent location make financial sense, but don’t worry because there are still other options.

One is to lease office space for urgent meetings with clients or for a few key members of staff to use as a temporary base while you get things going. The other is to lease an address for correspondence, an action that will allow you to present the most professional image to your potential clients while you are still in the start-up phase. Something that in turn can help you get more customers and be successful in the long term.



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