A Quick Guide To Properly Branding Your Business


Properly branding your business means thinking about a few things carefully before you go in and start making decisions. Everything you choose really does make the biggest difference to your business, so you shouldn’t simply start making decisions for the fun of it. There’s a method to the madness when it comes to creating a strong business brand that appeals to the right people. Read on for a quick guide to getting this done properly!

Who Are You Trying To Appeal To?

First of all, you need to think carefully and thoroughly about who you’re trying to appeal to. You should know the following:

  • The age range of your target audience
  • What they like and don’t like
  • What their problems are
  • How they speak
  • How they spend time

Knowing as much as possible about the people you’re trying to appeal to will help you to create a business and campaigns that appeal to them effectively. Creating customer profiles will help you to figure out how you should be branding your business. Get creative and see what you come up with!

Who Would Your Business Be If It Were A Person?

Now you need to start thinking in terms of who your business would be if it were a person. By creating a personality for your business, you’ll be able to better come up with ideas for the colors, fonts, phrases, keywords, and voice you’ll use to communicate with your audience, and you should find relating to them far easier.

Take a look at other businesses who have done this well – Frank Body is a business that creates body scrubs and other body products, and they use a very cheeky, flirty tone to communicate with customers. It really works, but of course you need to be sure that it’s appropriate for your business!

Using A Brand Voice

Using a brand voice is pretty important in this day and age. It’s how you can stand out and make sure your target audience are relating to your business well enough. Take a look at various businesses that use a brand voice and figure out what they are doing right. Make sure you think about whether there’s anything you feel they could do better too, as you can learn from this and apply it in your own attempts.

  • It’s important you’re consistent when using your brand voice
  • This means everybody in your business should be on the same page
  • Your voice should be used on social, over email, and anywhere else it can be used

Being Consistent Across All Platforms

We just mentioned being consistent across all platforms with your brand voice, but it’s important to do this with other things, too. You need to make sure you’re using your brand colors across all platforms so that people instantly recognize you. Don’t neglect your physical business premises, either! Decorate it in a way that feels like your brand, whether that means having concrete resurfacing done to the floor or your walls painted in a vibrant hue. Spend a little time making your workplace an attractive, well branded place to be.

Differentiating Yourself

Finally, it’s crucial to remember to differentiate yourself. You must stand out against other brands that are just like you. Why will your audience pick you and not them?


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