The Admin Aspect Of Employment


When you’re running a small business, employment drives are nowhere near the size of those of bigger companies. A large company can expect to see applications in the thousands. By comparison, your small enterprise is unlike to breach the 100 mark.

But, in a big business, there would be a whole HR team to sort applications. At least five people would take care of callbacks, interview times, and so on. In your case, all these jobs fall to you. As such, employment, even on a small scale, can involve a lot of work.

The good news is, turning your attention to the admin involved can make the job much easier. To show you how, we’re going to look at a few of the administrative areas which are most worth your attention.

Advertisement Administration

The first admin task to consider is how you would prefer to advertise the position. Think about what type of applicant you want to reach. If you want broad access to a young audience, you could advertise on Twitter. Or, you could head to many of the job search sites available, such as Monster. This way, you can be sure that the right people see your advertisement.

If you’re attempting to reach experienced individuals, advertise in relevant business magazines. You could also contact the career sections of particular newspapers.

Application Administration

You also need to consider how you would like candidates to apply. Traditionally, resumes were the only real option, and, you may decide this is the best way forward. The benefit here is that you’ll only have a page or two from each potential employee. This way, you’ll able to see their qualifications, experience, and personal strengths. You’ll also need to consider whether you’d prefer to receive these resumes by hand, or through email. Which would work best for you?

Or, you may decide that you’d rather opt for a complete online application form. Many companies have stopped accepting resumes. Instead, application involves online quizzes and quick-fire questions about decision-making. This is a good way to get an idea of how candidates would fit into your business but can take longer to sort through.

Arrangement Administration

Even after you think all the decisions are behind you, you’ll need to find a way to arrange your applicants. This will help you book interview slots, and keep track of each candidate. If you’re aiming for ease, you could always invest in an applicant tracking system for your computer. This is an easy way to keep applications in one place, and it’ll also ensure you can schedule interviews with ease. There are a few different options, so it’s worth reading guides like this one about what to look for in an applicant tracking system. Then, don’t hesitate to get started.

Or, you might decide that a traditional organizing system is best. If you’re working with a modest amount of applicants, there’s no reason this can’t work. Take physical notes throughout each interview, and develop a filing system for resumes.



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