Always Make Sure Your Business is 20% Fun


Yes, it is difficult, we admit, to always keep fun in the back of your mind when you’re running a business. There are stresses, strains, and who knows what else to take care of, and when you’re doing those things it can be hard to keep a cheerful demeanor around the office. But in ensuring you keep the golden ratio of keeping your business 80% work and 20% fun, you’ll be helping keep your employees motivated, the company culture light but hard working, and be making a positive impression on your business visitors. Here’s how you do it.

Hosting Events

What’s the point of achieving successes if you’re not going to celebrate them?! When you’ve done well, toast it in style by hosting your own post-work celebrations in the office. You’ll be showing your employees that you value their hard work, and give them an opportunity to get to know one another in a more casual environment. Studies have shown that employees who work with their friends put more effort into their company, but the benefits will stretch beyond the increased productivity: it’ll help your employees enjoy their office time all the more.

Fun Break Time

Silicon Valley companies don’t just make sure their offices are impressive because they have loads of cash to spare (although they do); they do it because they want their employees to be on-site. They let their employees have access to fun, food, and drink in the office so that they’ll stay there rather than explore what’s beyond the office walls.

You won’t have the budget of Apple and co, but you can still make the office appealing to your workers. Get a coffee machine from, and everyone in the office will benefit. Your workers will be spending more time at work, and they’ll be doing so of their own volition. Win-win!

Healthy Attitude

Never forget: You’re the captain of the ship. If you work hard to promote a healthy, welcoming, and fun atmosphere, then that’s what you’ll have in the office. Conversely, it doesn’t matter how many fun and quirky additions you add to the office; if you’re not actively encouraging a positive attitude, then one is highly unlikely to develop naturally.

Get Outdoors

Sponsoring company trips have three-pronged benefits. They’re fun, help boost employee relationships, and can ignite curiosity and innovation. All three of these things can have a significant impact on your company, but especially the last two. Even if your workers are attending these events to have fun, they’ll still have one eye on work, and might just come up with a good idea or two while they’re there.

Follow the Google Approach

Google and the rest of the Silicon Valley crew changed the game when it came to office conduct. They determined that the old, traditional way of doing things was no longer the right way. If you can follow their approach, which is open and trusting, then you’ll be on your way to creating a workplace that allows your company to thrive.


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