Why an Antivirus Alone Can No Longer Keep Your Business Safe


Protecting your business used to be a matter of setting up CCTV cameras and installing shutters so no one could break into your store. It was a simple time where there was only one type of threat: burglars. It was easy to prevent them from breaking in, and if you had a security setup that was difficult to break into, then you probably weren’t worth the effort to steal from.

Sadly, as more and more businesses move to the internet, there are more opportunities for thieves to steal your data and put your business at risk. As time goes on, more sophisticated and dangerous methods of stealing data will put your business at risk, and it’s important that you understand how to prevent them.

Many of these steps also apply to protecting your commercial property, but we’re going to also focus on the digital realm and how you can safeguard your data both physically and on the internet.

Social Engineering Is the Most Common Way to Break Into Your Business

It’s a common myth that hackers can break into any security system if they tried. While this isn’t exactly untrue, it’s also not as common as you might think. When hackers break into a system, they typically don’t use brute force methods because it takes an incredibly long time. A well-designed password could take several thousand years to crack with current technology, and that’s just not a feasible way to break into a company to steal their data.

Instead, hackers use social engineering, which is a mix of charm and logic that will help them gain access to your files. They’ll either pose as someone important and ask for your information, or they’ll steal your passwords if you’re careless enough to write them down in a separate file or speak to them over the phone.

Antivirus and Firewall Software Is Not Always the Most Secure Solution

Although managed IT services for businesses can help you set up an antivirus solution and a firewall, they’re not the most secure solutions and it will take more to stop a cyber attack. It’s important to also have a hardware fire to filter out any bad internet traffic that has a malicious intent.

While antivirus and firewall software is a great first line of defense, it can easily be broken with social engineering and the rest of your business will be left vulnerable.

Your Employees Are the First and Last Defense From Cyber Criminals

Employees will keep your business safer than any piece of software can. Teach them how to avoid or identify social engineering attempts and give them the tools and knowledge to quickly shut down your office network to prevent access from the outside. You may also want to hire a network administrator when your business is large enough so they can monitor internet traffic and stop any potential cyber attacks before they happen.

It’s imperative that you inform your employees on how hackers actually break in so they can actively avoid phishing attempts and scams.


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