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I have a great affinity to task management apps for my smartphone.   I feel they are great for keeping my business and personal life organized.   As such, I am not very loyal….I try different apps all of the time.  However, I’ve been using Astrid for quite a while now and like it very much.

Astrid is currently running a promotion for the new year in which they are giving you 25% off the annual cost of Astrid Premium.  Currently Astrid Premium costs $5/month and for you math wiz’s out there that’s $60/year.   For the next 7 days (until  Jan. 16 2013) you can get Astrid Premium for $40/year.   So if you are a current user and have been thinking of going to is the time.

By the way, this is not an advertisement and I haven’t been paid to post this (or even asked to post it).   I just wanted to make everyone aware of the deal and the benefits of Astrid Premium.

Here’s what you get with a premium account:

  • Attach PDFs, images, Word & Excel docs (up to 1GB)
  • Voice Backup & Notes
  • Charts of status and progress
  • Batch task editing
  • Advanced task filtering
  • New premium themes
  • Free Powerpack (Android)

I still haven’t decided if I am going to upgrade to Astrid Premium.   I may try the free trial and for a few days to evaluate the benefit of the additional features.

Here are some videos details Astrid Premium to help you (us) make the decision.


[appstore id=”453396855″]


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