Becoming Educated For The Modern, Online World


Times are changing. We all know that the world moves online, but sometimes it’s hard to fully understand how true this is. Almost every facet of business, communication, digital systems and storage solutions take place online. All around us wifi and 4g signals are communicating. If you could see this information, you would be subject to a vast soup of informative and numerical content.

While geographical borders still exist, the real information trade is taking place online. For that reason, it’s important to become competent with it. Despite the FCC’s potential bid to remove net neutrality from US law, it’s important to view the internet as a utility, something which is a core component of societal functioning. Through courses provided by institutions such as the School of Digital Media, and free educational websites, you can improve your understanding of this virtual space and become ready for any future developments.

But what online skill should you be looking to improve? This article should help you:


Competency is cool, we all know that. Performing your job well, or practicing a hobby accurately requires learning, applying and executive that knowledge to the best of your ability. Just as we learn English and Mathematics as a core principle of our daily functioning, you can be sure that programming will soon be on that list. The days of online and digital utility are so vast that IT support staff simply won’t be stocked or able to rectify every issue that occurs.

Learning some basic programming language such as Python, Javascript and Java can help you get a hold on some of the basic operations of the digital space. If you need to craft a quick solution, a program which helps you save time organizing, or innovate the next important piece of software, it’s important to have this programming knowledge. Even children are starting to learn this in primary schools, so be sure you catch up with the knowledge future generations will take for granted.

Social Trends

If you know how to read the zeitgeist, you know how to approach the society. This can mean a world of good if you’re trying to scan the marketplace for a gap, or hoping to present a new innovation. Knowing social trends can also help you predict patterns, which can be used in a range of marketing requirements. Learning to use social media is your first step here. It will also help you diligently avoid the fake news phenomenon, as digital fluency often lends itself to critical thinking online.


You should think of social media, online management and digital fluency to be the third arm of your professional life. Knowing how these systems work, how they relate to one another, and how to optimize your use of them can skyrocket your professional life. This could mean anything from managing your digital presence online so you always give the best of yourself, to simply speeding up how fast you work during a busy workday. If you have knowledge of online processes and how they work, you have a power and fluency over a core component of your working life.

This should have convinced you to pursue your own education. With the best will, you can achieve great things.


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