Bluffing It: How to Create a Successful Business With Zero Experience


In China, there’s a concept of life known as “face” that applies to pretty much everything. Whether it’s business, family or friendships, “face” is a concept that must be fully understood if you want to reside in China for even a short period of time. Explaining it can often be difficult, but this is what it boils down to: appearing better off than you are.

Business owners can learn a lot from this unique concept known as “face”. Appearances are everything when you’re in a position of power even outside of China, and deception is sometimes required to keep order. Appearing like the leader you want to be instead of the leader you are can prove challenging, and there are times where it will feel like you’re living a lie. Sadly, it’s necessary if you want to bluff your way to creating a successful business.

Credentials can be hard and time-consuming to achieve. Running a small business is no small task, and it can take a while until you’ve built a quality resume that people can trust. To help speed up the process and help you learn faster, here are a couple of ways to create a successful business even with no experience.

Seek Inspiration

Look at other entrepreneurs and learn from them. Read their biographies, study their pasts and ask yourself “what could they do in my situation?” whenever you arrive at a difficult decision. Inspiration is the key to motivating ourselves to do something unique and different, so find your role model and learn from them.

Call For Professional Help

Don’t ever be afraid to call for help. It’s not a sign of weakness, but the way you should be doing business. Whether it’s construction consulting or lawyers to help defend your brand, you need professional assistance. Once they’re hired, put them in control of their role and learn from them.

Minimize Mistakes

There are many costly mistakes that could destroy or cripple your business. While learning from mistakes is a great way to improve your knowledge, it’s also one of the slowest ways to improve your business. Instead of learning from your own mistakes, learn from other people’s mistakes by reading online and speaking with professionals that have more experience than you.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Your Hands Dirty

If you need to get a job done, it’s sometimes best to do it yourself. Don’t be afraid to insert yourself between two people to stop an argument, and don’t be scared of putting your head down and doing the same work your employees do. Getting your own hands dirty is a natural part of operating a business, and it also helps you learn quickly.

Learn As You Go

Thanks to online learning, it’s now possible to run a business and learn new skills at the same time. Online learning allows you to study virtually anything with just a computer and an internet browser. You can learn how to manage your employees, you could pick up vital leadership skills and there are even courses for team building.


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