Bringing A Rescue Dog Home This Christmas


There’s nothing quite like having a canine companion to warm your feet or your lap up as you sit on the sofa over the festive period. Dogs can become the family member that you can’t imagine living without and will bring plenty of fun and memories into the household. Christmas is often a time of year where unprepared families bring a puppy into their home and soon realize that they can’t cope; they just liked the idea of having a well-behaved dog. Sadly, many dogs end up in rescue homes in the new year, through no fault of their own. Therefore, you must be certain that you, your family, and your home environment are ready for a new pooch before you welcome one into your household.

If you’ve decided that you wish to adopt or rescue an older or abandoned dog; you’ll be helping to alleviate the problem of overcrowded shelters, and you’ll have a forever grateful hound in the meantime. Just because the dog you bring home this Christmas won’t be a puppy; they’ll still need plenty of care and attention so that they can settle into family life successfully. Therefore, you must plan for many of the same things and invest in the same items as you would for any dog. The following are some tip for soon-to-be dog owners so that they can ensure they have a happy rescue dog that can head into 2018 happily and healthily.

Prepare Your Environment

Just like when you had kids and needed to make everything baby, toddler, or child-proof; you’ll need to take some precautions with your new furry friend. Therefore, it’s worth looking at the areas of your home in which your dog will be spending the most time and making them safe and secure.

An electronic wireless dog fence system is a great addition to a large backyard and will ensure that your dog doesn’t go off on their own adventure, and end up lost. Think about any wire and cables that might be dangling down in the living areas of the home as your new family member might see them as something to chew. Be mindful that your house is a completely new environment for your dog and they won’t be used to your rule just yet. Therefore, help them out a little and encourage good behavior rather than berated their mistakes.

Make Sure They’re Comfortable

After any period of time in a dog shelter; your mutt will always appreciate a warm bed and somewhere soft and cozy to relax and sleep. Therefore, invest in a quality dog bed for them and make sure that they have a corner to escape to when the noise and business of Christmas in the house gets a little much. It’s up to you whether or not you let them up on the sofa or bed, but make sure that they are aware of the rules from day one so as not to confuse them. Give them plenty of time and space to settle in, and they’ll be your family’s best friend before you know it. Get ready for a 2018 full of walkies!


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