Build Your Perfect Man Cave


Having a man cave either in the spare room of your house or in the shed at the bottom of the garden is a dream for many of us. It is a place where we can sit and play videogames for hours on end without taking up the family TV, we can build things and plan DIY projects around the house, and most importantly we can have a refreshing beer while watching the big game at the weekend. But how do we build a perfect man cave?

Pick A Main Feature – the first thing you will want to do is pick a theme and a feature for the man cave. Are you into table football, table tennis, pool? Find a feature you want in your cave and measure up to make sure it will fit. Once you’ve planned the main feature of the room you can start measuring up the rest of the space and decide what you want inside.

Make A List And Budget– when you decide exactly what you want inside your man cave and the materials you are going to need for the build- make sure to write a list and make a budget for the project. Try your best to stick to the budget you have set out, and you may have to compromise on a few elements to make sure it is affordable.

Hire A Professional – before you go in all gung ho with the building work, check if you need any electrical or plumbing done to the space. If so, you might want to call a professional plumber or an electrician to complete the work for you.

Get Help – Rather than struggling for a month with the work on your own, enlist your family to help out with the project. Your kids will enjoy decorating the place and helping you build, and it means that the job will be completed much quicker than it would if you were to go it alone.

Make A Timeline– Whenever you carry out a project; whether it be at home or a work; you want to make sure that you have a timeline and small goals to stick to. For example, at first it may be structural work, plastering and electrics, next may be decorating with wallpaper and painting the space, then you’ll be adding in the main furnishings, and then the final touches. Make a plan you can stick to and it will make the project run much smoother. You will be in your man cave before you know it.

Add Extra Touches– you might have already installed you pool table, TV, games consoles and speakers, but have you thought about the other small things you could add into the mix? What about having a black stainless steel mini fridge for your beers? A wall where you can display your favorite art and figures? Think about all the little things you can add into the space to really add those final touches and make it into your perfect man cave.



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