Business Etiquette and Body Language


Don’t let people know how nervous you are!

What are your habits currently telling others? You may think arm gestures show your enthusiasm. What it can also mean is that you’re trying to hide something.

And do people tend to distrust or misunderstand you? Perhaps the problem has nothing to do with your words. Most people don’t know what their etiquette and body language communicate.

Yes, each person is different. Perhaps you mean nothing by crossing your arms during a conversation. But your colleagues can take it as a signal you don’t really want to engage with them. Can you risk these assumptions?

Or perhaps you don’t know how to hide feelings. Anger and bad moods aren’t tolerated in office environments. Can you prevent people picking up when you’re having a bad day?

Your first step in changing your impact on others is to realize your bad habits.

Swiss Canadian Capital compiled these guidelines to help you reach this goal. Learn how you should act and compare it to what you’re currently doing. And don’t rely on your own opinion only. Ask friends to comment on your actions to become a better communicator and increase your impact.

Yes, a few small adjustments can prevent future misunderstandings and transform you into a more confident employee or business partner. Be someone people WANT to work with. When you’re at ease with yourself, others will feel comfortable and put more trust in you.

That’s the power of non-verbal communication! Do you want to start communicating a clear message?


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