Busting The Business Card Myth


Online interactions have near enough replaced physical business. So much so that some companies have no physical space at all. This has become a particularly popular option for startups. Many now manage to reach higher levels of success with less upfront cost.

But, of all the physical aspects we’ve done away with in recent years, there are still some resources from the real world you need to get your head around. Even in the world of the web, you need to provide a face to your enterprise and excellent customer service. And, of course, many of us still offer physical products. It should go without saying that it’s vital to get those right.

And, that’s not all. Even physical methods you may have thought were long gone could still serve. Take business cards, for example. You may assume they’re redundant, but they’re more important than you’d think. Even if you don’t have a store, a business card could help take you far. Which is why you should turn to a cheap postcard printing company like Cheap Postcards, and stock up. If you aren’t convinced, here are a few occasions when business cards still come in handy.

Industry Events

Even ecommerce companies have to attend industry events if they want to spread the word. How else can you expect people to know who you are? Here, you’ll meet customers and business owners alike. As well as sealing deals here, you can seal business partnerships which are sure to boost your success. But, you can’t do that if you don’t have any way to pass on your information. When it comes to forging professional relationships, you don’t want to write your website on scrap paper. Instead, having a pile of business cards on your table will be much more successful.

Out And About

Even when off the clock, an entrepreneur has to look for opportunities. And, business cards offer the perfect chance to do just that. By ensuring you always have cards on you, you’ll be in a position to pass them along to anyone you come across. If you’re in a queue and hear someone who needs a service like yours, you can hand them a card. If a friend of a friend sounds like they could do with your help, give them your card.

You’d be amazed how often situations like these occur. And, because they’re spur of the moment, you can ensure that passing along a professional looking card will make the best impression. After all, these people don’t know you. Why should they call you otherwise?

For Postage And Packaging

Business cards can even play a part in your online enterprises. By including a card within each product you ship, you ensure existing customers have an easy reference if they need your services again. If they’re happy with your product, there’s a real chance they’ll pin that card up, or slip it in their wallet. And, that’s the ideal way to ensure you’re always fresh in their minds.



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