Camping With Kids Infographic

If you’ve ever been camping with kids then you know that it has the potential to be great family time and you can make many wonderful memories.  But it also has chance of making you want to run screaming into the forest while pulling your hair out.

I ran across this infographic on camping with kids from Jackson’s Camping.   It gives some really good advice for planning your family camping trip.  One point they make it so have some activities planned beforehand.  Kids tend to get bored (and whiny) easily so it’s good to keep them active while out camping.  Anyway, check out the infographic below.

-Courtesy of Jackson’s Camping Equipment

camping with kids

3 Replies to “Camping With Kids Infographic”

  1. Oh, that is so cool!! I will have to download this next time we go camping. Never on heard of it before this. Thanks for spreading the word.

  2. This is all great info! We go camping quite a bit and I always end up forgetting something so this would be great to refer to before we rush out of the house 🙂

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