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LinkedIn is an invaluable resource for professionals when it comes to networking.   However, networking has changed somewhat from what it was ten or twenty years ago.  Today many people “network” by connecting on LinkedIn and maybe an email or two.  The level of interaction and conversation has decreased dramatically.  CanWeNetwork has developed iPhone and Android apps which connects LinkedIn users by their shared interests.

CanWeNetwork is a mobile application designed to show you people within a certain proximity that you should meet for business networking or opportunity. It uses our decision science engine to find the people you are most likely to want to engage with and then displays them on your mobile phone for review.

Expand Your Network with CanWeNetwork

CanWeNetwork looks at your location and then searches LinkedIn for users who match your skills and interests who are also nearby.  CanWeNetwork then shows you your matches and ranks them by what percentage they match you.  You can then connect inside the app. The benefit I see here is that you get to meet people whom you may not have come into contact with otherwise.  And these people are usually a good match for your profile.  This means not only are you making new contacts…but they are high quality contacts which can be of great benefit to your professionally.


  • Matches – Shows you people who match your profile.  These are usually the people you need to be networking with.
  • Everyone – Alternatively you can see everyone on a map view.  This lets your skip the matching algorithm and just see those around you.
  • Events – See a list of networking events and see who is networking at those events.  It even shows your match percentage with each person.
  • Messages – This is kind of important considering the goal of CanWeNetwork is to facilitate communication.
  • Profile – Displays your LinkedIn profile and gives you the ability to edit your “blurb” which is a short description of you.
  • My Networks – Displays your networks and lets you view the other members of the network and connect with those people.
  • Invite Contacts – You can invite your phone connections or your LinkedIn contacts to connect on CanWeNetwork.
  • Privacy Settings – You can use an alias and hide your profile picture if you have a problem with that info being public.

CanWeNetwork is a great concept and with the explosion of users on LinkedIn it has the potential to become a great networking tool.  The primary benefit I see is that you are connecting with people who are actually near you and you can meet and interact in the real world.  I have so many contacts on LinkedIn that I will never meet or interact with but it’s those who I have met that are of real consequence.

Many times I remove an app as soon as the review is published.  I believe CanWeNetwork will be on my phone for quite a while.  I am looking forward to the next conference I attend to see the real power of the app.

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