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When you’re looking for a magical escape with the kids, it doesn’t get better than Disney World, Orlando. This is, after all, a theme park designed with magic in mind. It’s a place where dreams come true. Children and adults alike can lose themselves inside Disney’s creations.

Of course, there are things you can do to extend the magic. Booking into the right hotel during your stay, or seeking one of the ever elusive ‘Magic Moments’ will do the trick. Even simply booking a fast pass to avoid the queues will enhance your experience.

But, nothing can further the magic than the pictures you take during your stay. After all is said and done, these are the things you’ll take home.Whether you’re taking them for yourself, or are intending on sending photo postcards to loved ones, it’s crucial you take plenty of snaps. It’s also essential that you don’t neglect to capture the classic Disney moments which will become so important to your time there. And, to help you do just that, we’re going to look at some Disney photo opportunities no guest should miss out on.

The Magic Kingdom Castle

Nothing says Disney World like the iconic Cinderella castle in the Magic Kingdom. This should be the first port of photo opportunity. Getting a snap of your kids in front of this baby is standard Disney stuff. And, the castle will look even better depending on what time you visit. There’s no denying that it looks its best at Christmas when the park pulls out all the stops to increase the magic a few notches.

Time of day should also play a part in your photo here. While the castle looks fantastic during the day, it looks even better when lit up at night. If you can’t decide which would best suit your snap, you may well have to take two. It’s also worth getting a picture here during firework festivals, which happen each night. The castle often forms the centerpiece and looks amazing!

disney world epcot

Spaceship Earth

Coming in a close second is Spaceship Earth in Future World. This iconic Disney globe is another must snap attraction. Bear in mind that this one may not be as easy to capture. To gain the full scope, you’ll need to stand a fair distance away. As such, getting your kids in the shot may not look as good. So, it’s worth getting creative. Why not play with the illusion, by getting your kids to hold their hand seemingly under the globe? It would certainly add something unique to your snaps!

The Character Quest

Of course, when young kids visit Disney World, they look out for characters above all. This is what makes the park special, and every child dreams of getting a snap with their favorite. Make sure it happens by going on a character quest each day of your stay. Make this a fun game for your kids by setting them a challenge to get snaps with as many characters as possible. Keep your camera easy to access so that you can snap your child’s dream shot at a moment’s notice!  

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The Parade

If you want to catch all the characters at once, there’s no better opportunity than the iconic parades. With at least one show a day, there’s no reason for missing out here. You won’t be able to get one on one snaps this way, but you could still get your children in the picture with the parade behind them. At least this way, you can guarantee to see all the characters in one place!

The Mickey Mouse Ears

Nobody can visit Disney World without getting a set of mickey mouse ears. It would be a form of blasphemy if you and your family didn’t get involved. And, as well as wearing your ears on a daily basis, it’s essential that you get a family snap to prove it. This could be the photo you send to all your loved ones. How better to show them all how much you’re enjoying your Disney experience?

The Queues

If you opted not to get a FastPass, queues are going to become a part of your experience. So, it makes sense to snap these too.  And, making this a photo opportunity is a sure way to pass the time. To increase the fun, you could have your kids doing different poses relating to each ride. Bear in mind, too, that those cunning characters could make a queue appearance at any time, too!


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