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Life Christmas shopping

Oh yes, it’s that time of year..Christmas.  A time filled with joy, good will toward men (and women), peace on earth, and LOTS of shopping.…

Life lose it main

Here in America we have a problem.  It’s a huge problem…it’s a massive problem…it’s a ginormous (it’s a word) problem.  That problem… our behinds.  They’re…


I think we all had this grand plan when we were young.  We had this ideal life in our minds and we were sure we’d…

Kids kids soccer

You’ve seen them…they drive minivans with little magnets on the back.  They have camp chairs…but they don’t camp.  They have rolling coolers with juice boxes…

Life weight loss

It’s no secret that weight loss is a huge industry in America.  We love our food and as a result we eat more than we…

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