The People You Need to Hire When You Move

Moving to a new house is always hard work. It’s made even more so if you are moving across the country or moving with young children. When we think about moving we often imagine it to be one day where we pack everything up and move. In reality, it’s much more. We start packing up and letting everyone know about our change of address weeks before moving day; then it can take weeks after to get everything sorted. Moving to a new home can dominate weeks, if not months of your life.

While packing up, moving all of your belongings and living out of boxes for a while is always going to be tough, there’s no avoiding that, there are ways to make it much easier and less stressful so that it doesn’t take over your life completely. There are also people and services that can help you along the way. Here’s who you need to hire.

A Removal Team

It can be tempting to hire a van and move everything yourself. While it could save you money, is it worth it? Removalists can help make your move much more manageable. They’ll help load everything into the vans and unpack at the other end. They could even help you to pack up, let you hire boxes and other packing materials and help you to move a bit at a time if it that better around your life.

Another advantage of a removal team, which could save you money, is that they will be fully insured against any breakages or damage to your home or goods caused by the move.

A Babysitter

Moving with kids can be exceptionally difficult. It can take them a long time to settle, and moving day itself can be a nightmare if you are left trying to entertain a child while you move your lives. Getting family to help can be ideal, but could they be better used helping with the move itself? Instead, hire a babysitter for the day so that you are all free to get on with the house move secure in the knowledge that your child is safe.

A Cleaning Team

When we move out of a house, we clean it thoroughly. When we move into a new house, we clean that with the same intensity. We like to know that we’re moving into somewhere that is clean and hygienic. But, when you’ve got so much to do, do you really have time to give this deep clean the attention that it deserves? Most cleaning companies offer home move services that could help you.


You want to settle into your home as soon as you arrive, but it’s hard to do if it’s still got someone else’s décor. Especially if your taste is wildly different. So, hire some to paint and decorate before you arrive. Even if they just give it a neutral coat of paint, it’s a great start when you are ready to make decisions on colour scheme and décor and can help your home to feel fresh and bright.

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