Essential Advice for Professional Blogging


The main thing to remember when entering the world of professional blogging is that you are being paid to write. This is what elevates your blogs from the amateur level to the professional. You might be a brilliant blogger in you free time but to do it professionally, which you can do, you need to

Business Opportunity: Mobile Website Reseller

Sponsored Post – The following is a paid sponsored post Does your website have a mobile version?  If you want to compete in today’s environment you have to be aware of mobile users.  The proliferation of tablets and smartphones have created the need to have a mobile version of your website.  In looking at my

Using Mobile Survey Apps for Better Client Interaction

Sponsored Post – The following is a paid sponsored post Businesses base their decisions on anticipating and meeting client needs. Consequently, interacting with their clients to receive this vital data is an important part of conducting business. However, traditional client survey reports have been anything but accurate and have helped disenfranchise clients from businesses rather than draw

Nexus Tablet for Business


Sponsored Post – The following is a paid sponsored post. Google has partnered with Asus and Samsung to produce it’s Nexus line of tablets.   These tablets are free from carrier and manufacturer OS modifications.  This leads to a pure Android experience for users.  So, these tablets are great for personal use but what about for

888ladies Mobile Bingo App: Your Game Your Way

Sponsored Post – The following is a paid sponsored post. The global resurgence in bingo popularity continues unabated with the latest innovation to rock the bingo world. 888ladies has released an intuitive and highly user-friendly mobile bingo app. The mobile bingo games available to players presently include 90 ball bingo and a series of instant