Dr. Fone for iOS Review

dr. fone

This site is dedicated to mobile business apps but occasionally we have to expand our range a bit.  Today we’re looking at a Windows app, Dr. Fone for iOS, which lets you recover deleted data from your iOS device.  The prevalence of iPhones and iPads in today’s business environment means that sometimes critical data could

Working With Remote Teams

remote team

Today’s business environment is often disjointed.  Many companies have multiple offices spread all over the globe.  This is great for many reasons but it also presents some challenges when it comes to collaborating with other team members.  For years I have worked in a remote office and we  have used quite a few methods to

MetLife To Add Tech Hub To The Research Triangle


MetLife is investing major time, money, and effort in the Research Triangle of North Carolina by building a major Technology Hub in the Carey, NC area.   They will be hiring over 1000 tech positions.  This is huge because you generally don’t find this large a concentration of tech jobs outside of silicon valley. #MetLifeGTO

Mobile Apps Expanding Online Casino Business

This Featured Post is brought to you by Platinum Play Online Casino It’s no secret that over recent years online casinos have become a big business. Globally a massive estimated annual revenue of $32 billion is being raked up by online betting and gambling. Economists have high hopes for this revenue to only grow in

Customer Support Using a Web Based Help Desk

web based help desk

You may have noticed that I have not posted much lately.  One reason is that my consulting business has been very busy.  And one thing keeping me busy is dealing with support requests from clients.  For years I have used a web based help desk but lately my old help desk just hasn’t been sufficient.

Choose The Right Shopping Cart for Your Website

shopping cart

Ready, Set, Shop! If you own an online business you need to have a shopping cart and a website to be successful. People visiting your online business are more likely to make a purchase if the shopping cart you choose is easy to maneuver and user friendly. Sales are quickly lost if a customer cannot

Shameless Self Promotion

Here is some shameless self promotion for this Monday morning.   We do most of our reviews free of charge and only have a few ads on the site to help cover the costs involved.  Help keep the site going by following us using some of these popular services below.   Follow my blog with

Hosting A Casino Site

Sponsored Post – The following is a paid sponsored post One thing that is for certain is that online casinos big business, with millions of people playing every day at online casinos creating and hosting a website of such magnitude is a feat in itself. In order to do so you need a lot of resources all

Essential Advice for Professional Blogging


The main thing to remember when entering the world of professional blogging is that you are being paid to write. This is what elevates your blogs from the amateur level to the professional. You might be a brilliant blogger in you free time but to do it professionally, which you can do, you need to

Nexus Tablet for Business


Sponsored Post – The following is a paid sponsored post. Google has partnered with Asus and Samsung to produce it’s Nexus line of tablets.   These tablets are free from carrier and manufacturer OS modifications.  This leads to a pure Android experience for users.  So, these tablets are great for personal use but what about for