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1Mobile Market for Android Review

Where do you get your apps?  If you are an iOS user there is pretty much one answer…from the iTunes app store.  But if you are on Android there are several great options.  You have the default Google Play Store, which is good but you have to deal with music, movies, and books also.  But if you’re looking strictly for Android apps and games then you might want to try 1Mobile Market.

1Mobile is an alternative Android marketplace and 1Mobile Market is their Android app.  I decided to take a look at the 1Mobile Market app and give it a try.

You download the 1Mobile Market app directly from their site in the form of an apk file.  This means that you must enable unknown sources in your settings.  This isn’t a big deal for me since I already had it enabled.

Once installed you are presented with a very clean and organized interface.   You can browse apps by category, featured apps, top apps, and new apps.   The app is very fast and I had no lag whatsoever.  I was able to download and install several apps with ease.  One cool feature I noticed was that several apps included a free promo code specific to 1Mobile that gave you free in app perks.  This was very nice and I used it on a couple of apps.

1Mobile Market

1Mobile Market Features

Over 500,000 free android apps direct downloads
1Mobile Market is a collection of more than 500,000 free android apps direct downloads, with more exciting, practical and unique apps added everyday.

Unique and original contents
The professional editorial team have curated the latest and hottest apps through specialist in-depth approach and recommendations that count.

Language and content support for 13 languages.
In accordance with different languages a more unique and accurate Android app download experience has been provided.

Larger Screen, Easy Browsing
Support android Tablet PC use. When you browsing tablet client is very smooth, the picture is clearer.

I am generally a little leery when it comes to alternative apps stores because you don’t know what you are getting into.  But 1Mobile seems to have some high quality apps and I didn’t see anything that raised a red flag for me.

On each app page there is a related apps section and this worked really well.  It helped me find a few similar apps to try out for my next review.

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9 Replies to “1Mobile Market for Android Review”

  1. I’m not sure how old this app review is but I would highly suggest that you re-review this app. We just purchased a tablet for one of our younger kids that comes with this app pre-installed. It is obviously a Google Play pretender UNTIL I tapped on their top apps. At least 25% of the top apps they have listed are really hardcore porn apps with severe names. Ugh! There is NO way to filter them or set any kind of parental control. Uninstalling this app is impossible on the tablet we purchased. It is SO bad that we are sending the entire tablet back and going with a totally different company that does not come with this app.
    I do not recommend this app for Christians or families at all. Stick with Google Play!

    1. Adonna, I installed the app again and took a look. I chose both the “Local Top” and “Global Top” categories and saw NO adult apps in the entire list. I Then browsed the entire app under each category (new and top) and found no adult apps listed.

      I did a search for adult apps and found them that way but they did not show up in any of the lists. I’m not sure why yours is showing those apps but it doesn’t appear to be a normal behavior. You’ll notice in my review that I said that I’m usually leery of third party app stores. But I never saw any adult apps when reviewing the app. It’s just like Google…you can find inappropriate content on Google but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it for appropriate purposes.

      Because it is a third party app store, there will be apps in there not appropriate for children. I’d recommend removing the app if this is your child’s tablet.

      As a Christian I try to be diligent in ensuring that my children aren’t exposed to certain apps, movies, music, etc. Google Play is always the safest bet and it’s all we use in our house. I try out other app stores for review purposes but I always prefer to use Google Play.

      Thanks for commenting and let me know if you’d like me to reach out to the developer for you.

      1. I had the exact same problem last night. I am so furious. There was so many graphic hard core porn pics as icons under the top trending and other categories. I didn’t even need to scroll they were right on top. I’m pretty sure they can’t legally have pics like that on there. My tablet is mainly used by my kids and now I can’t search for new games with them aaround. I emailed the company from the suggestion section but have heard nothing back.

        1. Strange. I have loaded the app on my phone and tablet since the previous comment and I am unable to reproduce the behavior. Did it come preloaded on the tablet and are you certain that it is 1Mobile Market?

          1. Yes. It’s 1mobile market and it came preloaded on the tablet. I’ve had it since Christmas, and never had this problem before.

  2. Yep. Porn is being delivered to our users with the “1Mobile Market” app on our tablets. It is in the “Daily Recommendations” widget and pops up on the screen. Clicking on it allows you to download any of about 60 pornographic apps. Do note that if you surf into 1MM web site on a PC computer and search for keyword “porn” it responds with “Sorry, No Result!” This is a very deceptive practice.

    1. This is very strange. I just downloaded and installed the app from the link in my review. I see no porn apps whatsoever. I then added the daily recommendations widget to my home screen and see no port there either. I’m installing on a phone so I suppose it’s possible that the tablet version is the culprit. I’ll track down a tablet to test with and see what results I get.

      1. Hi Ben. This app is installed on about 80 “low cost” android tablets we purchased about a year ago. They came with 1Mobile Market installed in place of Google Play Store. The “Daily Recommendations” from 1MM are shown under “Widgets” and can easily be dragged and dropped onto any of the 4 tablet windows. Some of the students in our classes (unfortunately) have done this and the thumbnails are very graphic. Since all the tablets have a password protected “App Lock” program in place the actual porn apps could not be downloaded and installed thankfully. Since we cannot disable the 1MM “Daily Recommendations” feature we have the difficult task of removing 1Mobile Market and installing Google Play Store on the 80 tablets (ugh).

  3. My Google play store will not work soi I had to download this and I have many times on other tablets but some apps can’t be installed completely but that’s the only problem, never noticed any porn so that is pretty strange I agree with Ben its perfect except for that one thing an d obviously whatever your experiencing.

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