Customer Support Using a Web Based Help Desk


You may have noticed that I have not posted much lately.  One reason is that my consulting business has been very busy.  And one thing keeping me busy is dealing with support requests from clients.  For years I have used a web based help desk but lately my old help desk just hasn’t been sufficient.  This led me on the search for a better solution for my web site help desk. Today I’m looking at Zoho Web Help Desk which is a web based help desk.  It took me only a few minutes to set up my account and have a fully functional help desk up and running.   One benefit of using a web based help desk is that you and your clients can access the help desk from anywhere.

Here are some features of Zoho Web Help Desk:

  • Ticket Management – Regardless of the origin of the help request you can organize and respond to help requests easily.
  • Social Meda Support – Create tickets from Twitter and Facebook posts.
  • Accounts and Contacts – Import your client contacts
  • Contracts and Service Level Agreements – Ensure you meet support contract guidelines.
  • Knowledgebase – Allow your clients to find answers to common questions.
  • Alerts and Notifications – Get notified with new or updated support requests.
  • Reports and Dashboards – Run various reports such as SLA compliance reports.
  • Much More

As you can see, Zoho has produced a pretty comprehensive web based help desk.   I have set up Zoho on my website and it even has the ability to use one of your email addresses for ticket management.    It is certainly worth taking a closer look at if you want to manage your support requests online.



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