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Every business needs to have excellent communication capabilities in order to keep the profit growing. Employers need to be able to contact employees, teams need to have access to each other and customers need to be able to reach the business for a variety of reasons. Using the Cloud is one way to keep everyone up to date with all information. One way this can be accomplished is with business VOIP phones.

Integrated Communications

The best thing about using the Cloud for your communications is that all of your communications can be integrated into the Cloud. You can use it for your email, text messaging, voice calling, video calling, conferences and instant messaging. Everything will be in one place. Everyone can have access to documents in the cloud.

Voice Communications

When you use business VoIP phone systems you are using your computer and the Internet to place and receive phone calls. This means that wherever you and your computer are, as long as you can use the Internet, you can use your phone. A simple headset with microphone can act as your handset and you can call any number, anywhere in the world. When you setup your system, you decide on your calling package. I you will be calling overseas frequently, sign up for the package that allows international calls at no cost-per-minute. You will never have to worry about how much your phone bill is going to be because it will always be the same no matter where you call or how long you talk.

Mobile Calling

If one of your employees needs to stay home or is on a business trip and cannot be in the office for a meeting, using the Cloud and VoIP will allow the employee to sit in on any meetings from home. Use a computer and webcam focused on the room and it will seem as if you are all in the same room when everyone logs in on a computer. No more missed meetings or important phone calls.


You will not need to buy special phones or a switchboard system when you use the Cloud and VoIP. Everything can be handled from a computer or laptop. Most features can be done with a tablet and some can even be done with a mobile phone. All it takes is an Internet connection and a way to access it. This will save a lot of money over the traditional business phone set up.

Give your business the best communication system possible and you will keep your customers coming back and recommending you to their friends. When clients know they can reach you no matter what. They will flock to you. Too many companies do not take their communication resources seriously and end up losing customers because of it. Having a company host your Cloud will not cost much money and in most cases is based on how many users you will have. If you hire more people, a simple phone call will add them to your system and update your billing if needed.

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