Compete With The Major Players: How Your Small Business Can Exceed Expectations


It’s a tough and competitive market out there, especially for small businesses and startup companies. Therefore, you need to go above and beyond for your potential customers and clients, so that they’ll choose you over one of the big corporations. Luckily; there is a demand for smaller, artisan brands, as people are craving something unique from companies so that they don’t own or experience the same as the masses.

The current trend for shopping local, investing in Kickstarter projects, and regularly engaging with businesses makes it the ideal time for you to promote what you do and set yourself apart from the competition. The following are some tips and ideas to give your small business the boost it needs to stand out from the crowd.

You Can Do More For Your Customers

Believe it or not; as a small brand, you can provide each of your clients with a better experience than any of the big companies can. With fewer customers to handle; you’ll be able to respond to questions and queries quickly, and can give effective solutions in a timely manner. Every process or answer you give your patrons can remain true to your brand identity so that they will come to expect an excellent level of service, coupled with a positive and informative attitude.

People often miss the interaction they have from walking into a physical shop and talking with the store owner or customer service advisor. Therefore, you can take the opportunity to give them a similar experience online or through an app by keeping a conversation going and opening up a line of discussion. This is where big businesses can falter; it’s difficult to give each of their consumers a sense of individual care and quality service through communication. So, use this to your advantage to become an appealing alternative.

Provide The Little Extras That Make A Big Difference

If you make your customer’s life easier; they won’t think twice about returning to use and invest in you again. It might be a case of providing them with ad-hoc reports as part of your app’s service, or ensuring that your products can be delivered quickly, anywhere in the world where our consumers reside.

Whatever the added extras are; make them relevant to your brand and promote them as a USP so that you set yourself apart from the bigger businesses on the market. A call or a follow-up email are always welcome touches to a transaction or a process; ensuring that your customers feel valued is an encouraging trait within a company, and they’re more likely to choose you over someone else.

Set A Friendly And Approachable Tone

How you sound when you communicate with your customers is just as important as the level of engagement. Therefore, you need to build strength in your brand identity and speak in a voice that suits your business. You can enhance people’s experience with your company by keeping the tone of your brand friendly, welcoming, and approachable at all times; this is something that can be lost with big corporations. Let your consumers know that they’re your priority during every step of their time with you and your business.


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