Deciding On The Best Anti-Virus For A Small Business


When a small business if first born, it’s like a baby deer. There’s so much potential but it just stumbles around trying to find it’s own feet. With enough care and attention paid to it, it will be leaping and bounding in just a few days or rather years to be more accurate. During this transition from a newborn to a teenager where you’re taking everything in your stride, the wolves are lurking all around you.

Cybercrime is a huge problem for small businesses, because they are usually unprotected and way behind on the times even if they do have some kind of fallback system. That’s why you should put down your pen and paper that’s deciding on what kind of product design you should be working on, and begin to explore how to set up defences around your business. Here are a few ways you can begin exploring the anti-virus software you have at your disposal.

Like A Dormant Shark

Of all the new sophisticated ways in which cyber criminals attack businesses, malware is their chosen method. Essentially malware looks like a normal program, and doesn’t actually affect your computer in any noticeable way. Only when you’re performing certain tasks which that malware has been designed to detect, does the shark eventually thrust out of the water. But, malware is inherently designed to stay dormant and therefore many antivirus programs fail to detect them.

So consider using Webroot SecureAnywhere which continuously gets updated with protection from the latest malware codes. The biggest issue with programs that are trying to combat these kinds of viruses is that they have to go around snooping and sniffing all the time. Therefore they are very resource heavy on computers. So pick a software that hovers in the background without slowing down your machine while still giving your ample protection.

A Guiding Path

No one expects you to be an antivirus expert, but reading up on the latest trends or news articles about small business attacks is a good way to be informed. The latest trends of attack and defence will come in handy to you when you decide on what kind of software structure you want for your business. If you’re unsure on all the different programs you might want to use, speak to a company with Online Computers’ Support who can tell you about what kind of program is good for your mainframe.

Your system might not be all that powerful, so you won’t be able to run the best of the best like large corporations do. But a company that can educate you on antivirus data protection can give you expert advice and options.

Money Always Matters

Modern antivirus software is usually subscription based. This means every month a fee will be taken from your business to keep the software running on your servers. Factor in the annual cost of your protection system and decide what is more feasible for you in the long run.

Modern malware protection programs are kind of resources heavy because their scope is so vast. Choose a software that doesn’t slow your machines down but is still being updated on the latest trends.


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