Design Your Office To Enhance Team Work


Productivity is not just a matter of how hard you work. A variety of external factors, which your team can’t always influence, has an impact on how much workload they can carry out effectively throughout the day. Someone’s health, physical and mental, can decrease their productivity levels. Similarly, the weather can also change how an employee engages with their tasks, especially if they suffer from the SAD syndrome which touches millions of people in winter. While you can’t help with any of these, there’s one thing that all employers can do to improve the overall work output in their company, and that is the office design.

Comfy Desk Setting

The workplace is nothing more than a space that is dedicated to working. Consequently, it should as well be designed to fulfill its function! Whether it’s a home office or the company workplace, comfort is one of the most essential features of the furniture. Indeed, as most employees will sit between 8 and 10 hours a day at their desk, it’s vital for the good continuation of their work that they don’t suffer from any pain caused by poor posture and furniture. In other words, investing in ergonomic chairs and desks might feel like a significant expense at first, but it will pay off in the long term!

Keeping It Clear And Clean

You may not see it, but your office is probably filled with air pollutants. Where do these come from? Contaminants and pollutants can emanate from chemical products, plastic materials, broken or unserviced air-con, and even lack of ventilation. The addition of air purifying indoor plants will help to target most of these pollutants. You also need to sort out proper maintenance AC on a yearly basis to avoid contamination. And finally, a critical point about keeping a clear workplace: While regular cleaning keeps the place spotless, your staff needs clear and natural light sources to increase productivity and satisfaction levels. In short, ditch the lighting fixtures for large windows, if you can.

Colors That Help You To Work Better

The color of the walls can also influence the way people think and work. For instance, for tasks that require analysis and strategic thinking, blue shades can help the mind to stay focus. If you need your team to be creative and imaginative, a combination of green and yellow will drive an innovative approach. And for active and energetic behaviors, for all the do-ers in the office, red and orange hues should do the trick.  

The Little Boost Throughout The Day

Last but not least, is an important question to ask yourself: What fuels a day at the office? The answer is a cup of good coffee – or several cups! Indeed, most employees start the day with a cup of coffee, which not only wakes them up but also helps them to stay alert and focused throughout the day. So, a quality coffee machine may be a positive addition to the office kitchen. For your staff, it’s a perk of the job. But for the company, it’s also a productivity catalyst!  

Taking the time to design an efficient workplace is a positive investment in the future of your business. Money spent on the well-being of your employees is never wasted and can go a long way!


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