Do Bloggers Need Business Cards?


I’m writing this post as an actual question.  I’d like to know if I should get business cards for my blog.  I have business cards for my consulting business.   There is an obvious reason to have them when you are a consultant.  You meet many people and you want them to think of you when they have a new project come up.  So it makes sense to put some work into creating the right business card for your business.

However, as a blogger, I don’t know if there are many opportunities to give out business cards.   In general, what are the reasons people give out business cards?


This is the most obvious.  When you are at conventions, training conferences, trade shows, or anywhere else that professionals gather, it makes sense to give out your card to select people.  This is a great way to build a list of contacts that you can draw on at a later date.

Blogger Application: As a blogger, there are many conferences.  I’ll admit that I haven’t reached the blogging level that I could justify going to one of these conferences.  But if I did, then having a business card to give out to other bloggers would be very handy.



This is a relatively new idea to me as a blogger.  What product are you marketing as a blogger?  Well, it’s your blog, and for me it would be my sponsored posts.  I suppose it would be great if I were talking with a PR company to have a business card handy.  I think it may give my blog a higher level of professionalism.   I could even see myself seeking out direct jobs with retailers by pitching them a sponsored post and leaving my card with them.


Blogging can be for fun, it can be a source of side income, or it can be a full time job with full time income.  It really depends on what you’re willing to put into it.  At this point my blog is a source of side income but I would love to make it my primary income.   Perhaps buying business cards for my blog is a good idea.


I want to hear from you other bloggers. Do any of you have business cards for your blog?  Leave a comment below.




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  1. I’ve found the best time for business cards is at conferences. Otherwise, they’re worthless. Going to any conferences any time soon? 🙂

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