DrChrono: Just What The Doctor Prescribed


Do you remember the last time you went to the doctor?  If you do, your doctor probably came in with at least a laptop…if not a tablet.  Technology savvy doctors are turning more and more to online medical records and having them at their fingertips when they are in the room with you.

Well, here comes DrChrono who provides SaaS for small medical practice’s.  They also have a mobile app which is available for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.

The latest update to the app includes a Square card reader they can swipe credit cards on the iPhone and iPod touch.  That payment is then reflected in the software and it all works seamlessly.    Harnessing Square for credit card payments appears to be a trend as more and more brick and mortar establishments seek to modernize their business practice.

Another feature of DrChrono is the ability to get real time insurance eligibility information for their patients.  This saves time and allows the doctor to make decisions while the patient is still in front of them.

Can you see the benefit to a small medical practice?

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