Driving Your Business Out Of Quicksand


There’s no lying, small businesses do have some advantages over large corporations. They’re flexible, adaptable and they will always take on any challenge to prove themselves. And yet, because of your size, it’s easy to feel invisible in the marketplace. You feel like you’re walking down Time Square, surrounded by the flashing lights and skyscrapers of all the businesses that have made it. But don’t feel intimidated by them. When your business is stuck in what feels like quicksand, it’s very easy to lose your momentum. Lots of new businesses are being started and opened so when you’re not getting the clients you want, the panic of being overtaken sets in. but fear not, there are countless ways you can drive yourself out of the slime that’s pulling you down.

Just another Mary

Maybe you’ve always had a dream of opening your own retail store. Perhaps it’s a restaurant, a bakery, a private car hire service. Whatever it is, don’t just become another Mary. Don’t start a business of a certain type just because you wanted to provide a service. Every business would look and feel the same, were it not for the owners trying to separate themselves from everyone else. Sit down and have a good hard think, what kinds of things are you doing that seem to be boring and ‘same old same’? Where could you be more innovative and unique? There must be some kind of area that you can totally revamp and make your own.

Dabble in ‘nichehood’

It’s common for entrepreneurs to still be searching within themselves for who they really are. During the startup phase you probably thought that once you’re established and open for business, all those doubts and questions will go away. They won’t. In fact, they may get larger and more serious. If you cannot find the kinds of clients you desire, look at how to create an online challenge whereby you search for clients yourself. Follow the 4 simple steps which are picking the audience or client, creating an offer, picking the kind of challenge you want, and realize why your client should join your endeavor. The trick is to provide a niche service to a client, go outside the box and do things as you’ve never executed them before. 

Find industry clients

If you’re sat at your kitchen table, wondering why you can’t seem to attract notable clients to your business, how about you book a flight to the next prominent industry event? Despite our fantastic technology these days, talking face to face is still considered priceless. Go to an industry event and speak to different businesses, mingle, make contacts, go out and express who you are and why they should join your business. Go prepared with all relevant information with you, such as your business strategy, products, future developments and your facts and figures for sales and profits, etc.

Every entrepreneur knows the pain you’re going through right now. Every giant business you can see struggled to find clients too once upon a time. One way to drive out of the quicksand is to become more niche and provide unique experiences for clients. 


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