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It doesn’t matter if you have an online business or a more traditional brick and mortar business, there are certain tech tools that are absolutely necessary and that every business should be using. To make things simple, we`ve put together a list of incredibly useful tech tools for businesses to use. A common trait amongst these tools is that they are all very user-friendly, easy to get started with, and most of them offer free accounts so that you can try them out before spending any money. If you find them useful, it`s a good idea to upgrade to a premium account for added features and functionality, as they`re all very affordable.


Skype is probably the best way to communicate online these days. It`s not just for making calls or video chat, it`s actually the best app for chatting via text as well. Just about everybody who works online has a Skype account. Along with being able to chat, make calls and video conference, Skype also allows you to send files and to organize your contacts.


By keeping files that you use often in your Dropbox folder, you can eliminate the risk of losing them if you lose your laptop or if you have a hard drive failure. If it`s important, you should keep it in your Dropbox. Not only that, but by keeping your files in your Dropbox folder, you can access them from all of your devices. Not just desktops and laptops, but from your mobile devices and tablets as well, and you`ll always have the most up-to-date version of the file. Dropbox also allows you to share certain folders with other people, making it very useful for team projects and coordinating with multiple people to make sure everyone is always up to date.


Once you get in the habit of using Evernote, it`s an incredibly tool for staying organized and keeping track of to-do lists, and so much more. Much like Dropbox, Evernote will make sure you are up-to-date on all of your devices. If you add a to-do list on your cellphone, it will show up on your desktop app automatically. Easily share links and information between your platforms, and never lose a note again thanks to Evernote.

Quickbooks Online

The trend is definitely moving towards the cloud, and Quicktax Online is keeping in line with that trend. You can automatically pull transactions from your Paypal, debit cards, credit cards and other accounts to make sure that your books are always up to date. Quickbooks Online takes the headache out of bookkeeping and accounting, and makes it possible for small business owners to handle these tasks themselves, which gives them more control over their business and also saves a lot of money.

Global Wallet

Global Wallet is a prepaid Visa card that you can load up with your own money, to use all around the world. What makes it great for business is the fact that you can store the money in various currencies, so you don`t get charged huge conversion fees or need to go through the hassle of carrying around cash in local currencies. There are no fees for your Global Wallet, and you`ll even earn rewards points as you spend. Just because you travel for business, that doesn`t mean you need to be a currency speculator – you can lock in the exchange rates and not have to worry about them changing. Rather than carrying around cards in different currencies and dealing with numerous accounts, Global Wallet does exactly what the name implies – it makes your life a lot simpler.


If you are using social media for your business, you can make life a lot easier by integrating your social media accounts into a Hootsuite account. You`ll be able to update multiple social media accounts at the click of the mouse, and save a lot of time by scheduling things and even monitoring certain stats. Hootsuite isn`t the only option for managing social media, but it`s one of the easiest to use.

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